You must read this article before acquiring a cat

Are you about to adopt or acquire a cat ? Great idea, especially since cats are wonderful companions in life. Not only are they clean but they are also autonomous and very loving, the latter sometimes. However, not everything is positive when you decide to have a cat.

Bringing a cat into your home can be a source of joy and companionship. Also, there are many kittens that need homes, so with adoption you do a “good” deed.

However, keeping a cat in our home requires a commitment, and you should only assume it after making sure it is the right thing for you. How sad would it be if you brought home a precious kitten to find out afterwards that you were not cut out for a pet?

Therefore, in this article I list 10 issues that you should take into account before purchasing a cat.

1. Can you afford a cat?

Cats need more than just pampering and warm places to nap. Keep in mind that in addition to the cost of food, furniture and toys for cats, veterinary care can be expensive. Throughout his life, unexpected health problems, dental cleanings and annual visits to the vet can arise that can affect our family finances.

Do not forget that it is absolutely necessary to offer an  d ieta quality  to your pet if you want to see her grow old in good health, and that costs money.

2. Do you live in a house suitable for cats?

Before purchasing, make sure that pets are allowed in your building , prohibition is rare but it can happen. If you are renting, it has the consent of the landlord , he could prohibit you from having cats, it is his right. 

If you have housemates, make sure they welcome your cat. Not all human companions enjoy the company of cats.

The same with your family, all members must be committed to the care and respect of the new cat.

3. A cat can live a long time

The cat is a long-lived animal for its small size. In fact, it can easily  live 20 years . Therefore, if you adopt a cat, and it is young, you  commit to the long term . Your cat will likely be with you for a quarter of your life, so make sure you are sure what you do!

4. A cat needs a litter box

The cat is a  very clean animal  that grooms itself and does not relieve itself anywhere. Therefore, if you do not have a garden, it will have to be done in a litter box that you will have to renew and clean daily.

Litter  boxes are often neglected , cleaned only every other day or more. In this case, don’t be surprised if your cat starts eliminating outside the litter box or develops other behavior problems.

You should also get used to living with the  unpleasant smells  that their “things” give off.

5. A cat needs attention and dedication

Even if your cat is naturally very independent, he will need love and companionship . You must take into account your schedule, travel habits, social life, work obligations and lifestyle in general. Do you have time for your cat? Will you get the love and care you need? Do you have someone to take care of him when you have to miss several days from home?

You should dedicate at least  2 hours of your time  each day to your cat to play with him, brush or pet. If your cat gets bored and left alone too often, she could quickly slip into depression and die.

Therefore, it is not recommended to leave your cat unattended for more than 24 hours  and almost prohibited more than 48 hours. If you are going to spend many days away from home you will have to find a solution to take care of your pet. 


6. A cat has its own character

Each cat has  its  own personality . Your cat may not be as loving, kind, or smart as you want. You will have to want it just the way it is, even if it doesn’t match your ideal cat image   and turns out to be a bit more… wild than you thought.

In the first months of living with your new cat at home, it is important that you observe him often. See what he likes, what he may fear, his personality and his character. He also knows the basic needs of cats. By combining all this information, you will learn to communicate with your cat. With tact, you will even anticipate their wants and needs.

7. A cat loses and renews its hair

The  shedding is a natural and necessary process in cats, it takes place in spring and autumn, which is when their hair falls the most.

Thus, the  shedding of hair serves to adapt the coat to new weather conditions   (cold and heat) and to variations in the photoperiod (hours of daylight).

When acquiring a cat, you must be ready to spend more time breathing and gathering hair.

8. A cat meows

Cats only meow when they have to  communicate with humans . In fact, meows don’t use them to communicate with each other. If you think that cats are discreet   and calm animals  that never make their voices heard, you are wrong

It all depends, of course, on the character of the cat, but it is not uncommon to have a cat that meows a lot  and not precisely at the best times of the day, for example at night.

9. A cat is most active at night

By nature, the cat is a nocturnal animal  . In the wild, it makes it easier for them to hunt their prey at night, especially because of their good vision in the dark. The  cats sleep most of the day  and are most active at night. Therefore, most cat owners are   routinely awakened  by their cat in the middle of the night.

If you are “exquisite” and demanding with your dream, it is better that you think about adopting another type of pet!

10. A cat has claws

The cat has  sharp claws  that it maintains daily. Therefore, even if your cat is not aggressive, it can happen that, during play or even when hugging him, he accidentally catches you with his nails. Get ready to receive some  scratches  and also have  some tears in your clothes  …

You should also expect your furniture to be scratched by your cat, unless you adopt a little angel, it is very likely that your cat will scratch the carpet, the sofa or climb the curtains …

Finally, what do you know that by acquiring a cat you assume a great commitment and responsibility with a living being.  Start the relationship in the best way by learning what cats need and how they communicate.  Many of the behavior problems are related to the fact that cat owners do not understand what their cats transmit through their particular behaviors.

In your case, in addition to understanding it, provide your new cat with a solid “training” plan so that it integrates happily into your family.



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