York Chocolate Cat, the furry one who wants to be a panther

If you love cats that have dark fur and would like to have one that also has a long and fluffy coat, the York Chocolate breed may be the one you are looking for. This medium-sized furry man has an intelligent look, a true reflection of his character.

He is a furry charmer who loves to learn new things and, like all domestic cats, to be the center of attention of the person he loves the most.

Origin and history of the York Chocolate cat

In the 1980s a cat named Blacky who lived on a farm in New York crossed paths with the stray cat Smokey. The kittens that were born must have been gorgeous, especially one that had plenty of chocolate-colored fur. This little furry drew a lot of attention to his human, so much so that he made him known in the neighborhood where he lived.

Thus, little by little he became very popular, since in addition to being handsome he was very affectionate and friendly . At the end of the 80s there were already several copies of this breed, and in the 90s the standard was made. Today it is recognized as a breed by the CFF and ACFA organizations.

Physical characteristics

The York Chocolate cat is a medium-sized furry cat , with a weight of 5-6kg for males and slightly less for females . The body is protected by an abundant layer of semi-long, chocolate-colored hair. It may have white spots on its face or tail.

It is a robust animal, with good muscle mass, and is well proportioned . His head is somewhat elongated. The eyes are green, brown, or gold, and the ears are pointed.

Behavior and personality

Our protagonist has an incredible character. He is very curious, funny and intelligent . He enjoys both taking a nap and hanging out playing with those closest to him. He also loves to be caressed and pampered; although we have to know that he is a bit reserved with strangers, but there is nothing that a cat treat cannot solve 😉.

It has a fairly high energy level , so it is necessary to dedicate time to it so that it can burn it off and be calm.

York Chocolate cat care


Image – Petsionary.com


As it is a carnivorous animal, it will be necessary to give it feed rich in animal protein that is free of cereals , or to give it a more natural food such as the Yum Diet for cats, Summum or similar.


You have to brush him daily with a card , and weekly clean his eyes and ears with clean gauze. Do not bathe him, since he does not need it (unless he stops preening or they have become excessively dirty, of course).


Every day you have to play with him in order to get him to exercise and prevent him from making a mess at home. To do this, you can buy toys from an animal supply store, or make them yourself from a cardboard box or string.



Image – Wikipets.es

Although it is a breed that enjoys good health, every time you suspect that it is unwell you have to take it to the vet to examine it and give it the appropriate treatment. In addition, you must also go to the specialist to put the microchip, the vaccines and to have it cast if you do not want to make it breed.

Likewise, it is important that you remove the stool from the sand, and that you clean its tray once a week or a month. These measures will help to ensure the good health of the feline, and also to its tranquility.

How much does a York Chocolate cat cost?

Are you completely determined to acquire a York Chocolate cat puppy? If so, first of all it is important that, if you live with more people, you ask them if they also want a cat in the house . And it is that when an animal is taken to a house in which not all the residents of the same agree, it is easy for problems to arise … and the furry one is the one that almost always comes out worse off.

Therefore, only when the decision has been made between all, it will be time to start looking for breeding places of the breed. Once you find it, you should know that it will not separate a puppy from its mother at least until it is eight weeks old, since at that early age it needs it to drink milk and, also, to learn to behave like a cat .

As for the price, it will be around 800 euros . In the event that you are going to buy it in a pet store, the cost is likely to be lower.

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