Why is your cat hiding?

Hiding is a common behavior of cats and many times normal. But why is your cat hiding? What does it mean for a cat to hide?


Hidden cat

When it comes to hiding, our felines are so skilled that you often convince yourself that your beloved kitty has magically disappeared, only to eventually find your cat curled up in a corner of the closet or under the bed. But why is your cat hiding? Is it a problem that your cat is hiding too often?

Why is your cat hiding?

When talking about the hiding of kittens among experts, it is said to be related to the animal food chain. Cats are afraid of being prey.

Almost any noise, new person, or other moving animal can be stressful for them and lead them to hide. Fear of the unknown can cause cats to act strange. Their instinct makes them run away and hide when they hear some strange noise or movement.


What are the places where cats hide the most?

A common way that cats hide is by getting into some place, like inside a closet. Cats often choose closed places to hide.

In nature, felines are constantly looking for places to rest, because what they want is to have as many sides of their body protected as possible.

This is one reason why cardboard boxes are a popular hiding place for cats. “From five of the six sides no one can attack you and you can watch the sixth.”


New cat at home = Hidden cat

When a cat is newly adopted and you take it home, they often hide most of the time. The advice we give to prevent your new kitten from hiding is to establish a small room for her to use, where she can find all the essential elements of a cat such as food , water and a litter box .

Next, leave your new kitty  alone in the room and let her get used to that new part of her environment at her own pace. Probably if you take a look from time to time, you will also find him hiding in some corner of that room.


Does a cat ever hide as a sign that something is wrong?

It is natural for cats to go to their favorite hiding place from time to time, especially in summer with the heat and humidity, cats look for cooler places.

You should watch for a significant increase in your cat’s hiding behavior , which seems less like sneaking out for a breather and more like a sign of withdrawal.

Knowing your cat’s habits will tell you if hiding is a physical or emotional problem. If your cat usually comes out of hiding when you call and changes its behavior to ignore the call, something may be wrong.




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