Why doesn’t my cat relieve itself on the sand

The cat is such a clean animal that, when it does not relieve itself in its private bathroom, we find it so strange and curious that, the first thing we think about, is that it may be displeased with us, although in reality, we will be giving for granted something that is not true.

And it is that the feline is only trying to communicate a message to us. Once we know what it is, we will know why my cat does not eliminate in the sand.

We all know that the cat is not capable of expressing itself with an oral language as developed as ours. It can only meow and purr. But his body language is very rich, and this is precisely what we have to focus our attention on when we want to know what happens to him. Thus, if, for example, his tail is raised well, moving it from side to side little by little, and he looks at us with those sweet and wonderful eyes, we will know that he is telling us that he trusts us. But how do you know why you are not relieving yourself where you are?

To do this, the first thing we have to find out is how clean your tray is . If it’s dirty, he won’t relieve himself on it. For this reason, it is important that we remove feces and urine at least once a day, more if you live with several cats. Also, if you are near your feeder or in a room where a lot of people pass, you will not want to use it either, since you will not feel comfortable at all.

If once we have made the relevant changes the cat still does not use its litter box, then we will have to start worrying … about its health. For this reason, urine and feces should be observed, since if there are traces of blood, it is most likely that you have an infection that must be treated by a veterinary professional.



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