Why does your cat walk or climb on your back?

You’re reading quietly on the couch or lounging on your bed when your cat suddenly jumps onto your back or stomach by surprise. And as always, you get a good scare.

But why does he walk or climb on top of me?  Does he realize that this is your body or does he consider you an inanimate object?

There are several explanations that can make sense of this behavior.

In this article I explain some of those reasons:

  1. You are on his way

Don’t think that your cat wants to show its “power” over you. In fact,  your cat already knows who owns the house  (that is, him). And he knows that you know it too and he has nothing to prove to you.

This hypothesis is proven because  cats do not walk over each other . When a cat is dominant, it will prefer to lick or be aggressive to affirm its dominance.

In fact, if your cat seems to enjoy walking on top of you, it is simply because  you are in his way . In fact, if he needs to get from point A to point B and the shortest route passes you, he won’t hesitate for a second to “cross” you.

And of course, do n’t ask your cat to know that it’s polite for us to  step on people!

  1. He wants to get your attention

You may have noticed that your cat walks or stands on you at  certain times of the day . For example, when you lie on the couch after a good meal, when you get under the covers after a tiring day, or when it is 3 in the morning. Basically,  your cat requires your attention , and it demands it now.

Looks you straight in the eye. motionless most of the time , as if in a trance. This means that he is trying to get your attention for a hug, food, or something else. And he knows that this moment is the most appropriate of the day , you will not be able to ignore it!

  1. It’s a kitten still

If your pet is a baby, it is quite normal for him to trample you. In fact, all kittens go through an  exploratory phase  during which they need to discover their surroundings.

Once adults, they become less curious. But they can still get  on anything , including you.

Kittens, too, need to stay warm, and they instinctively seek your safety to keep them safe. Domestic cats retain their kitty instincts, and that means they seek the safest place in the house: their “cat parents . ” The warmth of your body gives your cat the security it seeks.

  1. He likes to be with you

Another explanation for this strange mania of your cat trampling you is that it simply likes your touch. In fact, as a kitten, he learned that sleeping together was a nice thing.

So by laying on you, even on a sheet or duvet, he knows that he can rest for a few moments on a  soft and warm surface .

  1. He loves to knead

The act of walking on you can be closely related to the need to knead. Cats knead , often from kittens to adulthood.

Although I do not know for sure, many experts consider that the cat kneads by remembering what its mother cat did.

Because your cat’s paw pads contain scent glands, their kneading emits their own distinctive scent – in a subtle way, it’s signaling that this is their own place – in other words, when your cat tramples on you, it’s not just looking a comfortable place to sleep, but claims its territory.

How can I prevent my cat from laying on me?

If you’re not comfortable with being a bed for your cat, there are a few ways you can get it to stop, or at least reduce its frequency.

One way to reduce this behavior is to gently remove your kitten from the unwanted spot and place her next to you, or even on the ground. You should never yell at your cat or punish him; try to be patient, kind, and persistent.

You can also divert her attention from you by providing her with a cat bed that she feels comfortable in.

Personally, I consider it a sign of trust and affection  that my cat is comfortable enough to step on me, although that does mean that sometimes he will also lie on me. Patience, you will know that your cat loves you.



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