Why does your cat wake you up so early every morning?

Between work, housework and taking care of the family, not to mention leisure and hobby activities, many people find that the day does not have enough hours.

Well, you know that your cat has plenty of time, in approximately six hours he performs all his “duties”, the rest of the day is spent  sleeping .

Because you’re so active in so few hours, you have to stick to a “schedule,” and your daily to-do list includes waking up at the same time every morning, at 6, 7, or 8 in the morning (if you’re lucky ).

On everyday days, we usually get along more or less well, and the most optimistic may even be grateful that their cat’s paw helps them start the day.

However, on the weekends, few people appreciate this “good deed” … we are all delighted that our cat is letting us sleep a little more .

For all this, below, I will indicate 6 reasons  why your cat wakes you up early.


  • Spend hours alone

1. Cats are routine

As creatures of habit, cats like their days to be similar and events to take place in exactly the same way every day, sometimes even to the minute. In fact, it is this routine of life that allows you to  feel safe in your surroundings . If one of your habits changes, you may feel  stressed  or may even become ill.

This is why your cat wakes you up at the same time every day. By observing you closely every day, he knows your “schedule” by heart. He knows that you wake up at a certain time to go to work and that you arrive at a certain time at home. But, unfortunately for you,  your cat doesn’t know the concept of a weekend, or a vacation  …


2. is hungry

For your cat, waking up may mean  mealtime . Which further motivates him to wake you up. In fact, if you are in the habit of feeding your cat as soon as you wake up, then you are at a loss. If you don’t get up it will wake you up.

In this case, you will have to modify this ritual. To do this, make sure to   always ignore your cat  when you wake up, do not give it food or caresses so as not to reinforce this behavior. Also,  do not feed it when you wake up , take your time to prepare and eat breakfast before feeding it.

Finally, remember to  feed him before you go to bed  and leave him a small container of croquettes so that he can calm his hunger during the night.


3. React to the lighting in the room

If your bedroom allows daylight to come in through the windows, this is a signal to your cat that it’s time to wake up. A bright room encourages your cat to wake up from your sleep. He doesn’t want you to miss the action at dawn. Remember that this is one of the times of the day when cats are most active.

4. He knows when you wake up

The sleep cycles of cats differ from humans.  Some cats sleep up to 20 hours a day. They have frequent sleep cycles throughout the day, which is the complete opposite of most human schedules.

Our sleep cycle consists of five stages. During each stage of sleep, our levels of respiration, heart rate, and activity change.

It may seem surprising, but your cat knows when you are in the  light sleep phase , which means that you are about to wake up and he takes advantage of it. It knows this because it is  attentive to your breathing , your heart rate and your activity that change with each stage of your sleep.


5. He is most active at dawn

Cats are twilight animals.  This means that they are most active at sunrise and sunset. Your vision is best suited to these light levels, not to complete darkness at night.  Cats are not nocturnal animals.  Cats also sleep at night like we do.

In nature, cats use those hours of the day (dawn) to hunt their prey. This allows them to be  more efficient at hunting  (and therefore playing) and socializing. Also, in the wild, their  prey  (especially mice) are also most active at sunrise and sunset.

6. Spend hours alone

If your cat spends most of her active time at home alone while you are at work or elsewhere, she may get bored and need company. How the night is the moment he shares with you, decide what is better if you are awake.



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