Why does your cat take food out of the bowl? Come in and find out

Does the following sound familiar to you? You fill your cat’s food bowl, but instead of feeling comfortable and eating, it grabs the food in its bowl delicately in its jaws and puts it on the floor to eat or even carry it to another room. He will then return for more food, removing it from his feeder.

What’s going on? Why does your cat throw food out of the feeder?

In this article, I will show you the possible reasons for this peculiar behavior of some cats.

  1. A matter of feline instinct

In the wild, cats have a habit of taking their newly hunted prey to a  place where they can safely eat it . With this, they do not run the risk of other cats taking it from them, or  being caught  by a predator. So even though your cat is domesticated, that doesn’t stop him from having the instincts of his wild ancestors.

Cats are solitary hunters and take down small prey that provide food for just one. Therefore they will try to protect their game.

This behavior is more common in houses with  several cats . If you observe that one of the cats takes their food to the place where you eat, it is the sign that they are looking for your  protection, that way they know that they can prevent other cats from stealing their food. In this case, you can try placing multiple food containers in multiple rooms.

Also, if you have observed that your cat uses its paws to remove food from the container, it is for the simple reason that, during hunting,  it would also use its paws to catch its prey . Here too, instinct rules.


  1. Mustache fatigue

If your cat tends to eat its food on the ground right next to its bowl, it may be because the shape of the container is not appropriate. In fact, cats do not like to eat from deep, narrow bowls for the simple reason that  their whiskers brush against the edges .

This causes a  particularly unpleasant sensation , it can even be painful.

This  stress  caused by the  repeated rubbing  of your whiskers on the edges of your container is called:  whisker fatigue . Therefore, you should always use wide, shallow bowls  to feed your cat.

  1. The location of the food container

Another reason your cat prefers to eat its food out of its bowl may be its location . Our cats usually attach great importance to the placement of their food and water dishes .

Therefore, these should be in a  quiet place , preferably  in height ,  away from garbage  and  separated, in fact, cats hate eating near their water and drinking near their food.

The reason may be that in the wild, their dead prey could  contaminate their water source .


  1. Cats usually eat alone

Although cats are social creatures, they don’t always feel comfortable eating together with other cats .

If food is provided in a single place in your home, cats can tolerate being together to access it, but that does not mean that they are not stressed about it. This can cause a cat to decide to take part of the food and take it to a safer place. Even if a cat does not move his food before eating it, he may eat quickly to spend as little time with his peers.

Pay attention to how your cats get along and especially how they act around the food container to determine if they need to add additional feeding bowls elsewhere in the house.




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