Why does your cat scratch window panes?

Cat owners would like to know why cats constantly scratch windows. It is an irritating and annoying noise. Some cats are more prone to this behavior than others.

Why Does My Cat Scratch On Window Panes?  There are several reasons for cats scratching them. Fortunately, cats can be trained to avoid this behavior before harming themselves or your home.

Why does your cat scratch on glass and mirrors?

There are many reasons why cats like to scratch windows and mirrors. They can be these:

  • See birdsthat you would like to hunt.
  • Your  cat is stressedand finds that scratching relieves him.
  • He has seen his own reflectionand wants to fight against that “other” feline.
  • Sharpen your nails.

If you can understand why your cat is scratching your windows all the time, you can take the necessary steps and fix it.

1. Your cat has seen birds outside

The most common explanation for scratching windows is your cat’s desire to hunt street birds. Many cats sit and watch birds for hours, as if hypnotized. They can even  chirp and chirp while  trying to imitate birds.

A toy on a fishing pole is the best solution to simulate hunting. These will be available at any pet store. Just hang the toy and let your cat stalk it, it will jump on the toy.

In the wild, your cat won’t catch its prey whenever it tries. You will have to prevent your pet from “winning” in each game, otherwise it will get bored playing.

2. To calm stress and anxiety

If your cat doesn’t feel safe and comfortable, he will try to calm down in some way. In this situation, destructive behaviors can be generated and one of them is scratching the glass.

Another problem is boredom. It won’t go unnoticed that scratching windows triggers a reaction in humans.

Try to keep your cat entertained with a daily routine. Make sure your cat has plenty to do. A cat needs a daily mental and physical challenge to stay happy and content.


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