Why does my cat wake me up at night

Why does my cat wake me up at night?

It is very likely that it has happened to you: the weekend arrives and at 7:00 in the morning or earlier your cat wakes you up with its meows and the tickling of its whiskers on your face. If you usually close the door of your room it will not stop scratching it demanding your attention.

Despite being uncomfortable, there are no reasons for you to worry about it. This is completely natural behavior if we understand feline psychology and its circadian clock . If it is an inconvenience for you, you should know that there are certain guidelines that will help you mitigate it.

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The influence of sunlight

Do you know that kittens are crepuscular beings? This circumstance explains why they are more active at times of the day when the intensity of sunlight is more powerful.

In other words, cats display their entire arsenal of games, exploration, and socializing at sunrise and sunset . After the night’s rest in the early hours of the day, with the sunrise, they feel full and it is natural that they request your pampering and attention.

This behavior has its origin in the ancestors of today’s domestic cats. African wildcats hunted their small prey precisely in these time slots. This modus operandi has been etched in his unconscious to this day.

Does your pussy wake you meowing?

If your pet interrupts your morning rest with meows that increase in intensity as he sees you ignore him or he manages to wake you up, predicted by your heart and breathing rate, this behavior can carry several meanings.

He is hungry

If the day before you fill his bowl well before going to bed, it is very likely that in the morning he will already have it empty and want more. As you know, cats are beings that love routines, they allow them to control the situation and that comforts them.

To avoid that during the weekend those meows wake you up, modify your habits. A few days before, start feeding him just before you go to bed . When you get up, do not replace the feed until after a few minutes. Thus, you will be achieving a margin that little by little your pussy will assimilate and when it arrives on Saturday it will not be disturbed.

Claim your attention

If you spend many hours away from home and the morning is the moment in which you can interact with your kitten in full conditions, it is logical that he wants your pampering. You can confirm this if you find that this morning attention is accompanied by purrs . Clearly your cat is trying to socialize with you.

Give them the care they need, or they might feel displaced and they could get sick . At this point, it is worth highlighting the convenience of using positive reinforcement, but without making the mistake of becoming a slave to your friend’s whims. Later we will delve into how to carry it out correctly.

He is sick

In this case, we refer to morning meows that are unusual in your cat’s everyday behavior. You could be expressing that you are not feeling well. You should especially take this into account if he is near old age or if he has not seen the vet for more than a year.

In both cases, you should not postpone this visit any longer, since you could be suffering from arthritis, hyperthyroidism or hypertension. In the first of the diseases you will appreciate that each time he moves and cleans less because of the pain caused by his inflamed joints.

Hyperthyroidism usually manifests itself in cats over 12 years of age. Hypertension, on the other hand, causes blindness, bleeding in the eyes, nose or urine and apathy, among other symptoms. The vet will be able to determine if he is sick and prescribe the most appropriate treatment.

Is it possible to modulate this behavior?

As you can see, your pussy waking you up early in the morning is completely natural . However, it may happen that this habit is reducing your health and quality of life. Luckily, there are small gestures that will help mitigate this morning activity .

The most obvious of them has to do with the access of sunlight. Lower the blinds or blinds where your pet sleeps so that in the morning the room is darker. It will appear to you that you must still continue to sleep.

Environmental stimulation will also help him not meow from being bored, for example. Provide interactive toys, cat parks, walkways, or catnip ( catnip ) to keep him stimulated. Likewise, it will be beneficial during the day if your kitten does not live with other cats and you spend many hours away from home.

Positive reinforcement, your great ally

Training through the association of a prize (your favorite snack , a caress, your favorite toy, etc.) with a certain behavior will help you, and a lot, in this work. You should reward him only when he behaves the way you want him to . In this case, when he does not meow or look for you insistently.

Little by little, by repeating it, he will assimilate the message you transmit and begin to modulate his behavior. Therefore, you do not comment on the error of reacting to their insistence because they will have already satisfied the objective that they are pursuing: your attention. Do not scold or use aversive traps either. Your pussy will get scared and run away from you.

Closing the door to your room is also not a recommended practice . It is preferable that you practice positive reinforcement. After 2 weeks you should notice improvement. If not, we advise you to seek the advice of an ethologist, since he is the veterinarian specialized in animal behavior and will be able to advise you with certainty.


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