Why does my cat vomit?

For many pet parents, frequent cat vomiting is a part of life. It does not have to be like that. Here are the main reasons the cat vomits, and what to do!


After graduating I adopted a kitten . One morning after breakfast, he vomited. After dinner, he did it again. The next day, the cat vomited again. I panic. I called a vet clinic and explained in a shaky voice what was happening: I was sure she was dying! – And I have an appointment the next morning. Quick reference later, the vet sent me home with a tube Petromalt , and after the first dose, she drove the hairball largest he had ever seen. Actually, most cat vomiting is caused by pretty innocuous things, and here are the main culprits:

  1. Hair balls

Hairballs are one of the main reasons for throwing up a cat. When your cat takes care of itself, the loose hairs get stuck on the small prongs on its tongue. Because it can’t spit out that fur, it swallows it, and if it builds up too much in its stomach, it doesn’t leave much room for food. You can help prevent hairballs by brushing your cat regularly. Even short-haired cats benefit from regular brushing.

  1. Eating too fast

The “scarf and beard” is another common culprit when it comes to throwing up a cat. My cat, Bella, is a vomit, and the fact that she vacuums her food like she’s never going to eat again is the main reason. In order to slow him down, I squash his canned food in the bottom of his bowl so he has to flip it instead of chunking it. Another trick is to use an interactive feeder , which will force your cat to slow down.

  1. New food

If you switch cat food brands , something in the new product could irritate your cat’s stomach. Switching from a dry-only diet to canned foods can also cause vomiting, because canned foods are quite rich compared to dry foods. Try going back to the previous meal to see if your cat’s vomiting stops.

  1. Eat grass or plants

If you have plants in your home, your cat may feel the urge to chew on the leaves, which could cause your cat to vomit. Make sure the plants in your home are not toxic to cats. Consider planting a cat grass garden for your feline friend to leave their indoor plants alone.

  1. Parasites

Heavy worm infestations can cause vomiting in cats. If you see evidence of worms in your cat’s vomit or feces , head to your vet and give him an anti-parasite medication. You may pay more for the things your vet provides, but in the long run you will save because you will not buy dose after dose of ineffective OTC remedies.

  1. Stomach obstructions

Some cats eat plastic, paper, cat toys , rubber bands, clothing, or whatever they can put on. If you suspect that your cat has eaten a foreign object, call your vet immediately, as this can be a life-threatening situation.

Vomiting warning in cats

Vomiting in cats can also be caused by poisoning or very serious illnesses. S i suspect your cat has eaten something toxic, call your veterinarian immediately for first aid instructions. If your cat’s vomit is bloody or black like coffee grounds, see the vet right away. If your cat is vomiting every day, refusing to eat or drink , behaving strangely, or not grooming properly, call your vet and make an appointment as soon as possible.



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