Why does my cat urinate blood

Are you wondering why my cat urinates blood? If so, it is because you have seen that the color of his urine is not yellowish, which is a symptom known as hematuria.

It is quite common in the furry ones that live with us, especially if they are being fed with low or medium quality feed since they contain cereals, ingredients that they cannot digest.

What are the causes of the cat urinating with blood?

When a cat urinates with blood, the most common cause is urine infection , which can be caused by a bacterial or viral infection. The main symptoms are urination problems, pain, frequent visits to the litter box but urinate in small quantities and even relieve themselves in places not intended for it.

Now, there are others that could also be:

  • Stones in the urinary tract: it can be simply sand or stones lodged in the kidneys or bladder.
  • Cystitis: is the inflammation of the bladder caused by viruses or bacteria, or trauma.
  • Genital diseases: either inflammation and infectious of the urinary tract.
  • Kidney disease: occurs when the kidneys begin to fail, either due to poisoning or tumors.
  • Systemic diseases: such as erlichiosis, thrombocytopenia, or heat stroke.
  • Medications: There are some, such as those used in chemotherapy, that cause hematuria.
  • Parasites: those that are spread by ticks and fleas are the worst. Called hematic parasites, they can cause bleeding and destroy red blood cells.
  • Neoplasms or tumors: they are abnormal masses that, in the present case, form in the urinary system. They can be benign, or malignant.
  • Trauma: after a major accident or abuse, the urinary tract can be damaged. The symptoms are pain, intolerance to touch in the abdominal area, constant meowing, etc.

Furthermore, if it is a cat that urinates with blood and is pregnant, it may be that she is about to give birth, that she has miscarried or that she has an infection in the uterus; and if it is a cat, it could be he had a wound on his penis.

Which is the treatment?


Treatment will vary greatly depending on the cause . The best thing to do is take the cat or cat to the vet to tell us exactly what it has and why, so you will know how to treat it so that it improves.

And, for example, if what you have is an infection, he will give you antibiotics and it is likely that he will recommend a change of diet; if what happens to you is that you have suffered a trauma, you may need surgery and pain relievers, the same if you have tumors.

Therefore, do not let time pass . If you urinate with blood, you must consult a specialist as soon as possible, otherwise your condition could be complicated.



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