Why does my cat smell bad

Has your cat started to give off a very unpleasant smell? If so, now is the time to worry . These animals spend a large part of their time grooming themselves, keeping themselves clean, without bad smells. When they smell bad, it is because something happens to them.

To find out, we are going to answer the question you may be asking yourself, why does my cat smell bad ?

Before going into the subject, I would like to say something that I consider to be very important: even though it smells bad, it should not be discriminated against. It’s not his fault that it smells bad; What’s more, he doesn’t want to smell bad , that’s why he takes care of himself every day. When a feline gives off a bad smell, it is because it has done something or something is happening to it. Let’s see why a cat can smell bad:

  • It has been scrubbed somewhere that smells bad:in this case it would simply be necessary to wash it well with a cat shampoo, and of course, find that place to clean it.
  • Ear infection:if your furry’s ears smell bad, and if you also see that he scratches a lot, it is very possible that he has otitis. You can clean them (without going too deep) with a sterile cotton or gauze moistened (never soaked) with water.
  • Wounds:check your cat’s body well to see if it has any wound that has pus, scabs, and / or any foreign body. If it does, you should clean it with a sterile gauze moistened with water, hydrogen peroxide and then put a little iodine on it.
  • Inflammation of the gums or gingivitis:occurs when food remains accumulate between the teeth, which ends up necrotizing the roots of the teeth. In these situations, you have to clean them with a toothpaste for cats, or with a brush and water.
  • Feces :Cat feces already smell bad, but if the animal has internal parasites, or if it is being fed low-quality feed, it smells especially bad. For parasites it is necessary to administer an internal antiparasitic sold in veterinary clinics; As for the feed, it is highly recommended to give one that does not have cereals.


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