Why does my cat reject her young

Mother cats in their natural state are great caregivers , even if it is the first time they have babies. They keep them clean, well fed, and above all, controlled. Before leaving to go hunting, he leaves them in a hidden corner that serves as a den, away from possible predators.

However, when these animals began to live with us in our homes they had to adapt. If the cat becomes pregnant, she will spend much of her time looking for the best place where she can give birth and, when she finds it, she will not leave there for anything other than to go to relieve herself and eat. Unexpected events sometimes happen, so it is important to know why my cat rejects her young.

The cat is genetically prepared to take care of her little ones. It is something you will do on instinct. From the first moment you see your babies, you want to take care of them, unless a problem arises .

Peaceful pregnancy, happy delivery

To know why my cat rejects her pups, we must remember how the pregnancy was and how she carried it. I am not only referring to how healthy she was, but also whether she could be calm . And the reality is that when we know that there are going to be kittens at home there are many humans who do not let the cat calm down.

In this state it is very important to let the cat relax, and not overwhelm her. Obviously, you can caress and give affection, but without harassing her. We must let her come to us, and stop pampering her as soon as we see that she no longer wants more.

As the appointed day approaches, you will see that she is looking for a place to give birth. Choose the one you choose, we should not change it , otherwise we would cause stress that could lead you to reject your little ones. What we will do is provide at least one sheet -if it is summer- or a blanket -if it is winter- so that the babies do not get cold.

The hatchlings, how are they?

When the little ones are here, you have to check how healthy they are. If there are any that have been born deformed or weak, or if we continually go to see them, it is most likely that the cat will ignore them . Also, if the litter is very large, you may end up needing a little help to take care of them all, especially if there is one that is very gluttonous 🙂.

In the event that your cat has rejected her offspring, it is best if you take care of giving her the bottle . Here you have more information on how to do it.


Young cats are born defenseless, and they need the love and protection of their mother. But she can only take care of them properly if the family environment is calm.



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