Why does my cat pee everywhere?

Why Does My Cat Pee Everywhere?

It’s no longer a secret. The cat is one of the cleanest animals. If he happens to urinate outside his litter, this must seem very suspicious to you and may indicate a problem of different kinds: diseases, territorial marking, unsuitable litter…

A Possible Health Problem

It is important to make sure that this behavior is not the consequence of a health problem. Kidney stones, cystitis, kidney failure and diarrhea are all diseases that lead to urination very frequently so that the animal no longer does so in its litter. Cystitis and kidney stones in particular cause sharp pain during urination. The cat does not manage to urinate completely when it is in its litter box. He ends up sending the rest to wherever he is. Cats that have cystitis also start urinating everywhere as if they want to indicate to their masters that they have a problem.

An Unsuitable Litter

Maybe your cat doesn’t like its litter box for a variety of reasons. First, the litter may not be clean enough. It is important to clean it every day. Avoid using a lid to cover it, because bad odors are stored inside. Another possibility: the smell of the litter bothers him. Perfumes are actually added by manufacturers to disguise unpleasant smells. Many cats aren’t too fond of these smells, which is why they refuse to defecate in their litter box. The texture can also be unpleasant to them. If this is the case, it will be necessary to change the litter. And above all, remember to place it in a suitable place. Don’t put the bin near where they eat and play.

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A Gesture Of Territorial Marking

Urinary marking in felines is manifested by the ejection of urine vertically 20 cm from the ground. In general, this type of behavior occurs in cats that are not yet sterilized. If the feline continues to do so despite your warnings, have it sterilized by a veterinarian. Your pet is already sterilized? In this case, he can potentially be a victim of stress causing him to pee everywhere. To avoid this kind of behavior on his part, you can use calming pheromones until the problem stops.

The Cat Is Just Not Clean

The kittens learn the gestures of hygiene by their mother. It is she who shows them when to relieve themselves and where. Cats that have not been able to benefit from this maternal education may not be clean. It is important that you accustom him to the use of his litter box by making sure that it is always clean. For example, spray bleach at the bottom of the tray. Cats appreciate the smell of this product. This will encourage them to relieve themselves there.

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