Why does my cat follow me everywhere?

Why does my cat follow me everywhere?

Do you come home and your cat does not stop following you everywhere? As curious as it may be, it is a behavior that, in general, denotes closeness and affection. However, there are situations in which a physical or mental illness may be reducing the quality of life of your pet.

To determine it, you should attend to the presence of other symptoms and go to the veterinarian in order to correct it with the corresponding treatment. If you want to know why your cat follows you everywhere for no apparent reason, read on. We will develop all the possible causes of this behavior.

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Causes why your cat follows you

Although the most recurrent triggers of the chase of a feline tend to revolve around the release of their energy, the need to enjoy your company or the marking, it is possible that they repeat it due to pain or stress. If you observe unusual behavior in your pet, do not hesitate to bring it to the attention of your veterinarian.

For security

When they are puppies, kittens are not separated from their mother. Following her helps them explore and learn about their environment without being harmed. Your behavior, giving him food and drink, cleaning his litter box, taking care of his body hygiene and keeping him active and covered while playing with him is very similar to what his mother used to do .

Therefore, that your kitten follows you incessantly may be an indication that with you he feels safe and at ease. Exploring with you is a guarantee that nothing bad will happen to her while keeping all her needs met.

By patrolling

In the wild they usually prowl their territory several times a day to make sure there are no intruders. These walks manage to monitor the terrain and impregnate it with their body odor. You may appreciate that, in addition to following you, he rubs his head or back against furniture or against yourself to mark you .

This behavior will be encouraged if he is used to seeing you wandering from one side of the house to the other. It will stimulate you to emulate it and taking into account that felines are addicted to control and routines, it is more than possible that you have already internalized this behavior and repeat it because it provides you well-being.

Play to hunt you

As you know, kittens hunt instinctively, not necessarily for food. Therefore, satisfying that urge to chase, stalk and hunt is something that they carry in their genes and that they must give way. If your pet follows you and then throws himself on your legs, it is symptomatic that he is playing hunting you.

In this playful way he is sending you a message: he wants to dedicate more time to these types of games, to those that appeal to hunting behaviors. Thus, it is likely that you have discovered it trying to hunt the birds that it sees passing through the window. Reserve more time to play with him, for example, with rods that allow him to catch a stuffed animal or a ball.

Claim your attention

Another plausible cause for his constant persecution may be that he needs your help. For example, because he is hungry and wants you to feed him, because his litter box is dirty and he does not like it that way or, in a smaller percentage of cases, because he wants to alert you to what has happened to another of the cats with them. that coexists.

He knows that you are the only person who can help them and in this curious way asks for your help . Among stray kitties it is common for them to chase those who smell that they have cats at home or that have the necessary energy to give them a better life. Physical discomfort, as a prelude to illness, may be another reason for this behavior.

Most cats prefer to hide and stay alone when they are not feeling well. Others, on the other hand, need to manifest it so that their human guardian intervenes, knowing that he will know what to do to end their pain.

For boredom

Kittens that do not have access to the outdoors have less incentive to entertain themselves. If, in addition, you spend many hours away from home, it is more likely that on your return what your pet wants the most is to be with you, interact and exchange caresses.

In this context, spending time daily to satisfy this section of the 5 freedoms of animal welfare is more advisable if you want to enjoy the company of a healthy and happy kitten.

Out of curiosity

Felines are extremely curious animals, they need to constantly explore and seek new stimuli that keep them entertained. Chasing you is a great way to find new nooks or objects that should pass your particular scrutiny.

For affection

Do you know that as cats spend more years with you they become more and more social? Far from their stereotypical image of independent and lonely animals, cats forge strong emotional bonds with their human families and enjoy their company.

In short, felines mobilize various strategies to get our attention and let us know how they feel. Chasing you wherever you go is one of them. With which of these causes do you feel most recognized?


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