Why does my cat drool a lot?

Cats are animals that bear pain so well that they will only complain when they can’t take it anymore. It is, therefore, very necessary to pay attention to any changes that occur in their behavior in order to more quickly identify the discomfort of our friend, and act accordingly.

One of the most worrisome symptoms is excessive salivation. Sometimes it may not mean anything serious, but in others it will be necessary to go to the vet as your life could be in danger. That said, if you are wondering why my cat drools a lot , here is your answer.

Origin of excessive salivation

Excessive salivation, also known as ptyalism , can have very different origins. There are more and less serious, and they are the following:


If your furry has ingested something in bad shape, or if he goes outside and has eaten grass treated with insecticide, one of the first symptoms will be drooling. But it won’t be a bit of saliva and that’s it, but it can act like foam, that is, it can expand and cover the entire mouth . It can also happen if you have put a pipette on it or have sprayed it with flea and tick spray and it has licked it, thus ingesting the product.

It’s very dangerous, so if you see your friend drooling like this, wipe it off quickly with a dry cloth. If you think your cat may have been poisoned, these are the symptoms of poisoning in cats .

Mouth pain

If you have suffered a trauma, if you have an infection in your teeth, tartar, and / or inflamed gums, you will have problems swallowing the saliva produced , so you will tend to ‘get it out’.

This occurs especially in elderly cats, when they already begin to have osteoarthritis, but even if your furry is younger, you should not lower your guard .

Stress or fear


When humans are stressed or afraid, we feel our pulse racing, our pupils dilate, and our body prepares to fight or flee. Well, in the case of cats something similar happens, but in addition to this set of symptoms drooling is added .

One of the most common situations that we will see that he drools will be when we have to take him to the vet. Virtually no animals like to go there, so there are many that, because they cannot control the situation, produce more saliva than necessary.

Nausea and / or vomiting

A cat that is nauseated and / or vomits tends to drool a lot. It usually worries us a lot, but if the vomiting is sporadic and the animal is fine, perhaps it has simply swallowed some hair and tries to expel it. Now, if it is accompanied by other symptoms or if he begins to vomit for several days in a row, then he should go to the vet as he could have hairballs, an infection by internal parasites or a serious disease of the digestive tract.

Foreign body in the mouth


If you give your cat scraps of your food, especially if you give him fish or chicken, it is convenient that you remove both the bones and the bones since they could stick in your cat’s mouth or neck, causing him a lot of pain and of course also excessive salivation.

You can give fish and meat without problem, but cleaning the fish well before. The bones must always be raw, otherwise they could splinter. It is very important to also give them those that are larger than their mouth so that they are forced to chew it. So you can enjoy a delicious and natural meal, and you will not have to worry 🙂.

For pleasure

It is not frequent, but there are cats that when they are very relaxed they drool a lot , simply because they feel very comfortable. They can also do it when they smell their favorite food and know that you are going to give it to them at any moment.

I, if I tell you the truth, I have not seen this behavior in my cats, but I have seen it in one of my dogs. It is impressive how much saliva she can ‘expel’ when she feels happy, or when she is nervous because she knows we are going to go somewhere she loves.

What to do? Nothing, just enjoy seeing your furry happy. What better gift than that?


Excessive salivation or ptyalism is a reaction of the body to something that is harming it, as in the case of foreign bodies in the mouth, or for tranquility, relaxation and / or happiness. It will depend on the origin or not to go to the vet, but what we should know is that, whenever the cat is not well, paying him a visit does not hurt because, as we have seen, drooling can be an indicator of illness.

I hope this special has solved your question about why my cat drools a lot. If in the end you have a problem, a lot of courage and calm, that the recovery is usually fast . Soon he will be the same as always 😉.



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