Why does my cat bring her kittens to bed for me?

We talk about how distant cats are as if we can’t consider ourselves worthy of their attention. However, contrary to popular belief,  cats love us,  trust us and, perhaps most importantly, consider us part of their “group.”

If you understand it that way, and you consider that your cat sees you as a member of a community that is united to help each other, it makes sense for your cat to bring her young to your bed.

She trusts that you will help her take care of her little ones, after all. Read on to discover nine reasons for this curious behavior of cats after giving birth .

Reasons your cat brings her kittens to your bed

  1. Your cat may need a break because being a mother to 3-6 or more kittens is exhausting, so leaving them with you for a while could be a way to have some time to herself.
  2. Considering you a part of his pack, he trusts you to keep his kittens safe from predators. In the wild, they form colonies of females, each with its own space, watching over kittens and warning of dangers.
  3. She knows that you take care of her, therefore she considers that you will take care of her kittens just as well, maybe even better than her.
  4. You would be the surrogate mother for the kittens if she were ill or if it turns out that she is not lucky enough to survive after the kittens are born.
  5. She is a proud mother cat and wants to show them off in what she considers a community bed.
  6. If she is a first-time cat, she may not have enough experience to do this alone and she brings them to you for you to teach and help her. Being their first litter, you can be a bit apprehensive, and want to keep an eye on them and keep them safe, especially at night when predators are out.
  7. Perhaps you do not feel very safe in the place where you have given birth, or too confined, whether in the closet, bathroom or garage. Maybe the kittens are wandering away from their nest and she has trouble following them, so she prefers to have them in your bed.
  8. The bed is a comfortable and warm place where the cat feels that she and her kittens will be safe and relax there. Especially if he is in the habit of sleeping in bed with you, now you want to share that experience with them and maybe even teach them how to sleep with people.
  9. She may not want kittens around her, and she has no maternal instinct, and that’s when we humans must help raise kittens by hand.

There are probably more reasons why our cats will bring their young to us , but these are some of the best I have found and that I want to share with you.



As a precaution, the next time your mother cat brings you the kittens, you should take a good look at them, especially if they are small and are her first litter. He also looks at your nipples and tummy for unusual redness, rash, irritation, swelling, discolored fluid, or blockage.

The reason for all this is because you have to make sure that she does not bring the babies to you to help her take care of them because there are health problems for her or the kittens. In that case, you may need to take them to the vet, so that weight problems, parasites, anemia, malnutrition or infections are excluded.

Always be vigilant and make sure everyone is healthy and happy.


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