Why does my cat accompany me to the bathroom?

Why does my cat accompany me to the bathroom?

Are you coming back from work and your cat follows you to the bathroom? If it has happened to you and it has surprised you, do not be alarmed, it is a common behavior that obeys multiple motivations. If you want to discover them and know why my cat follows me to the bathroom, stay with us.

We reveal the reasons that explain it and in which cases you should worry . If this behavior is repetitive and you notice that it demands your attention excessively, it could indicate a stimulation deficit. Once you have ruled out any physical ailment with the veterinarian, you should provide him with new toys, challenges and exercise dynamics. We started!

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Does your cat follow you to the bathroom? Know the causes

That a kitten follows his tutor to the bathroom can be due to several reasons: because he needs to refresh himself, drink fresh water, discover and entertain himself with new stimuli or because he wants to feel safe and accompanied. In the next few lines we delve into each of these motivations.

Your pet is hot

As you know, the bathroom is the coolest room in any home. The incidence of solar rays is lower and it is provided with tiles and devices, such as the shower, the sink or the bidet that meet the perfect conditions to cool down a heated feline .

Lying down to rest on those cold tiles is irresistible for any kitten on a hot summer day. It is likely that you will repeat it also when you are not at home. Therefore, do not reprimand or punish him for entering this room and make sure that he has enough water, clean and refreshing, in order to prevent heat stroke.

Your cat wants fresh water

These enigmatic animals are capable, through their developed sense of smell, of discriminating fresh water of natural origin from processed and crammed with chemicals. So much so that testing the water in continuous movement, for example, from the toilet or the washing machine, is very appealing.

If you find it unhygienic for your kitten to drink this water, provide him with a cat fountain. In this way, you will have the certainty that he will stay hydrated by having a water to his liking.

Your cat is bored

This is the most alarming reason. If your pet takes advantage of any occasion to accompany you to the bathroom and you notice that he gets involved in a particular fight with toilet paper or that it is scanned in one of the cabinets, he will be informing you of his need to discover new forms of fun . The ones he knows are insufficient for him.

It will follow you wherever you go, with the exception that in the bathroom you will have a whole arsenal of utensils, furniture and other objects that, due to their smell, texture and shape, will capture all your attention. It is a clue that points to poor environmental enrichment and the prelude to stress or future aggressive behaviors if you do not stop it.

The bathroom, a whole cat jyncana

From the toilet paper that they can bite and tear to the towels they can lay on or scratch on to the shower, the toilet, the shelves and furniture they can explore, hide and jump on, everything that is part of a bathroom is very eye-catching and fun for felines. No one can resist falling under its spell .

However, it is no less true that in this room we usually keep personal hygiene products and cosmetics that, due to their components, can irritate the skin and mucous membranes of kittens or poison them if they ingest them. Therefore, make sure that these items remain out of reach of your pet, for example by closing the door.

Create homemade toys

In addition to being creative and inexpensive, building your kitty’s toys using objects that you have at home will provide an immense dose of entertainment and gratitude. You will also have a good time and your health will reap the inherent benefits of this playful and creative activity in equal measure.

A large decorated cardboard box that can serve as a cat shelter, a cane made with a wooden stick and an elastic ribbon attached to a ball or a stuffed animal, as well as a smaller box in which you can make several holes with a glass to hiding a ball are some examples of the most entertaining homemade toys.

Your cat demands your attention

Especially, if you spend a good part of the day away from home, it is expected that your cat will not skimp on opportunities to be with you when you return. It does not necessarily mean that you are sad. He just feels safe around you and enjoys your company because he appreciates you.

You will notice that he also accompanies you to other rooms in the house, that he sleeps with you or that he asks you to give him your caresses. For this reason, as always we insist, reserve a few minutes every day to interact with your pet, even if it is only to brush, caress or talk to him. She will appreciate it and it will help you stay balanced and happy.


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