Why do your cat’s eyes water? Here I explain it to you

Surely you have ever seen how similar the behavior of cats can sometimes be to those of humans. Cats yawn , cats snore , enjoy routines, enjoy sleeping a lot , and when they want something they can even appear to be crying when they meow.

But can cats cry ? And if they can, what would they cry for? Can felines emotionally cry tears of sadness like humans? If not, what do the tears of a cat mean?

Below I will expose you to various theories or experiences of crying cats or cat tears.

Can Cats Cry Tears?

Cats can’t really cry tears like humans . They have tear ducts, but when you see tears welling up in your feline’s eyes, that reaction is caused by something physical and never emotional in nature.

Emotional reactions and sadness cannot make a cat cry. But of course, since cats can have tears, that brings us to the next question …

So do your tears have a purpose?

Cat tears are fully functional in nature. They are caused by something that causes excessive tear production or something that stops proper drainage.

So if there are tears in your cat’s eyes, it’s normal for you to worry about her physical health, rather than her emotional well-being.

Some reasons for cat tears are not a cause for concern, while others need a visit to the vet.

We will take a look at the possible causes below.

1. Normal tearing

Just as some people are more prone to watery eyes, your cat may also be more prone to tears.

In some breeds of cats, their facial structure affects tear drainage, this happens in flat-faced cats such as Persians and Himalayas .

Excess tears can cause stains that make the cat ugly. Cat tear stains are more obvious in lighter colored cats.

Also the constant humidity of the weeping can cause skin infections. For these breeds, it is convenient to clean your cat’s face regularly to keep it clean and dry. Use cotton wool moistened with water or wipes designed for this purpose.

On the contrary, excessive tears from your cat are not normal. I show you below some of the common reasons for this problem.

2. Cats cry when their eyes are irritated

Just like in humans, things that get into your cat’s eyes can cause tearing. This includes dust, hair, insects, herbs, allergens, strong chemicals, and other foreign particles.

The problem usually resolves itself. But if the tearing lasts more than 24 hours, you should get medical attention.

3. Cats cry from an eye injury

If the eye, in addition to tears, becomes red and inflamed, or your cat scratches his head a lot, squints his eyes or blinks a lot, worry! These are signs that the eye may have an injury, and it is often difficult to see a scratch or cut in one eye.

An eye injury in the cat can become infected and even cause blindness if it is not cured.

4. Blocked tear ducts

This is the most common reason cats cry . As you know, the tear ducts drain the necessary fluid for the eyes.

They can get clogged by dirt, some other foreign body, and even the hair around your cat’s eyes can block it.

Diseases can also cause a blocked tear duct. Chronic eye infections and feline herpesvirus complications are responsible for the majority of tear duct blockages in cats.

A vet can diagnose blocked tear ducts with a simple test. The procedure for unlocking them is generally not drastic either.

5. Eye infections

Tears accompanied by a discharge are the most common signs of an eye infection.  Initially, the tears will be clear and then they may turn green or whitish.

Other symptoms include swelling and redness. Usually the third eyelid becomes visible.

Eye infections can lead to a cat eye piercing if not cured. This is very painful and can result in more drastic surgical procedures.

6. Upper respiratory disease in cats

If your cat’s tears are accompanied by red eyes, sneezing, fever, runny nose, or salivation, he could be suffering from a  feline respiratory illness .

The feline herpes virus , also known as the RVF virus, is the most common cause. The tears and runny nose are initially clear, but soon turn thick and yellow. the cat will also become lethargic and lose its appetite.

The vet should treat any upper respiratory illness to avoid serious consequences. In addition to other medications, he will usually also prescribe an antibiotic eye ointment so that the dry discharge doesn’t harm your cat’s eyes.

You can soothe your cat by cleaning the eye discharge with a cotton ball dipped in clean water. You should wipe the eye from the corner outward and use a clean cotton ball for each eye.

Treatment for my cat’s tears

Ending your cat’s tears depends on the cause of them. Sometimes the reason for the tears is not a cause for concern. When the excessive tearing lasts a while or there are other worrisome symptoms, try to get it checked out by a vet.

Once your vet has determined what is and is not normal, they will be in a better position to determine what the underlying cause may be and will work with you to develop a treatment plan, as necessary and appropriate.

Recovery and management of watery eyes in your cat will depend on the severity of the condition. If your cat has been prescribed pain relief medication due to a foreign object obstruction or antihistamines to ease allergy symptoms, recovery will be noticeable within a few days.

Healing will take place primarily at home with occasional visits to the vet. However, if your cat has undergone a surgical procedure, recovery and treatment will take longer, and more veterinary follow-up. 




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