Why do some catsūüźĪfeel like us humans?

Dogs may be man’s best friends, but it seems that some cats think they are people, or at least feel like them.

Browse the #humancat hashtag on Instagram and you’ll find thousands of photos of¬†cats sitting upright.

It seems that there are many felines that like to sit perched on their backside, with their legs stretched out and their paws placed in front of them.

You may even have caught your cat sitting like you! His spine rested on something like the back of the couch, his back legs extended and his front legs at the sides or on his very exposed belly.

But why do some cats feel like us? In this article I show you 4 possible reasons for this peculiar position of cats.

1. Cats assimilate and imitate human behavior

Studies have found that cats that live close to humans adapt to our activities.¬†Cats imitate their human companions by¬†eating, sleeping, sitting …

To prove this, a study by researchers at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Messina has found that cats can imitate human habits (good or bad) and adapt to the lifestyle of their owners.

In that study, they studied two groups of cats: one group that lived in small houses and closer to their owners, and the other group that lived in a larger area and stayed outside at night.

Both groups of cats were well cared for in terms of food, grooming, and medical care.¬†Based on their observations, the research team found that cats that stayed closer to their owners adapted their owners’ lifestyles.¬†Their sleeping and eating patterns were similar to their owners, on the contrary, cats that stayed away from their owners were active at night.

The study suggests that the environment in which a cat grows and develops plays a fundamental role in its personality and behavior.  Cats are social animals and humans play an important role in their social group . They serve as role models for cats and therefore need to motivate animals to be active.

That is why when you see your cat sitting, it is imitating a situation in which it sees you regularly.

2. Show how confident they are in you

Your cat may be sitting in this pose, exposing her belly,  to show that she trusts you and loves you .

A cat showing its stomach is one of the most vulnerable acts it can perform.¬†Your cat is showing you that he is confident that you won’t hurt him.¬†However, this does not mean that you are “authorized” to stroke her belly.¬†Be cautious and delicate and act with caution, your cat can get upset and scratch you.

3. Cooling and grooming

You may have noticed that your cat is constantly grooming itself . Because cats cannot sweat like humans do, they use grooming as a way to cool down. Therefore, sitting as humans allows them to cool their tummies. 

Also with this position cats easily access their stomach. It may seem to you that it is simply sitting like a human, when in fact the posture gives your cat easy access to the stomach for cleaning, being much more flexible than us. This is the case with my cat, who sits stretching her legs to lick her belly.

4. Comfort

Cats are incredibly flexible, so it is likely to consider sitting as a¬†comfortable and perfect posture to help them relax and stretch¬†¬†s¬†tips us.¬†¬†When they are in this position, it is best to let them feel comfortable and stretched.¬†You don’t want someone to interrupt you in the middle of stretching after a workout.¬†For a cat, this might be the perfect pose to stretch their spine after chasing their favorite toy for an hour.


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