Why do cats throw things on the ground

Why do cats throw things on the ground?

Have you ever wondered why cats throw things on the ground at the slightest opportunity? Ballpoint pen caps or hair ties are their favorite victims, but… what makes them do it? Are they just wanting to play or do they want to get our attention?

In this SoyUnGato article you will find the explanation for this behavior so typical of felines , with which they seem to want to test our patience. One look and they know we will fall at their feet! But in reality, there are several reasons why they act this way.

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Do cats throw things out of boredom?

Like human beings, cats also get bored. In fact, it’s easy to tell when a pussycat is looking for ways to overcome boredom.

In these moments, you can see them climbing to the last shelf of the bookcase or balancing to climb to the highest point in the house.

Felines have a reputation for being very independent, but they also need to release a lot of energy . If they do not have a corner to play or exercise, in addition to scratching and climbing they will look for other ways to have fun.

Guess how? Well yes, one of his favorite hobbies is throwing away what you have placed on the table two minutes before. However, boredom is not always the ultimate reason. Sometimes this way of being has a lot to do with the cat’s own character.

Nothing stands in the way of a feline

The personality of cats is another reason that leads them to act in this way. It’s no secret that, at times, they seem worthy heirs to Garfield : why bother dodging something if they can push it away with a simple flick of their claws?

If, in addition, the furry in question has a few extra pounds, it is more likely that it behaves in this way. It is simple to understand why: it is easier for him to remove what is obstructing his step than to skip it or look for a longer path. That … or maybe he’s trying to tell us something.

Breaking things to get your attention

Although from a human logic it may seem strange, domestic cats can throw some things to the ground when they want something from their caregiver . If you think about it, it makes sense, because they use the environment around them to establish communication with us.

Through these signs they may be telling us: “open the window for me, I want to go out for a walk” or “it is about time you changed the sand”.

When they seek your attention, they will stare at you closely after you have thrown something. What they want is to see if you catch them. In any case, the best way to prevent your cat from continuing to behave like this is to understand their reasons.

How do I prevent my cat from throwing everything on the ground?

The first step in correcting these types of attitudes is to establish the exact cause. From a correct diagnosis you can begin to think what you can do to prevent it from continuing to throw everything on the ground.

Depending on your situation, this is the way to go.

What to do when boredom is the cause

If you find that boredom is affecting him, the solution is to do more activities. You can get more toys or hang things for her to have fun trying to catch them.

If he does not have a games space, you should reserve a place for him where he can entertain himself until he is exhausted. In this way, you will not have much more energy to continue throwing everything that is within your reach to the ground.

If you don’t want to try too hard, what options are there?

If you simply drop objects because you do not like to be blocked by anything, try not to place anything in the places you usually walk. In the event that your feline has certain overweight problems, take advantage of and strategically place some elements so that he can exercise and get in shape.

To achieve this, it is important that you increase your physical activity, in addition to following a balanced diet. Losing weight will have a positive impact on your health.

The solution when what you are looking for is that you pay attention

Are you convinced that what you are looking for is that you pay more attention to it? Then it is clear how he will stop throwing your things. You just need to spend more time with him.

When you throw something on the floor and watch for a reaction, don’t give it too much importance and continue with what you were doing . But yes, as soon as you finish go play with him and pamper him. You will soon notice how what you leave tends to stay in the same place.

The more moments you share with your beloved cat companion, the better you will know their needs and their way of being. At home, have you ever found your papers or coins out of place? What do you do when the cat insists that nothing is left on the table?


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