Why do cats sleep on top of people

Why do cats sleep on top of people?

In this recurrent comparison with dogs, cats have always been identified with independent and solitary animals. However, those of us who are lucky enough to live with one of them know that this prejudice is completely false. Otherwise, why do they come to us humans to sleep?

In this SoyUnGato article we are going to explain the different theories that exist about this curious hobby of felines, which has been studied on numerous occasions. The most recent is research carried out by British scientists. We are going to delve into it.

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They look for a warm and safe place

As you know, kittens sleep between 12 and 20 hours a day depending on their age and health. Given their strong instinct for survival in the face of possible predators, they cannot leave the choice of where to rest to their own devices. Hence its predilection for dark, high, narrow and, if possible, roofed places.

If you maintain a healthy relationship with your pet, it will want to sleep near you or on you, precisely to satisfy that premise of sleeping in a safe place . In turn, he will look for a place that allows him to maintain his body temperature of 38.6 ºC. Your head or your limbs will be their favorite parts, since they are the ones that give off the most heat.

If you have a condition in another part of the body, it will also like it because it will provide you with a good amount of heat. Your belly is another desirable area, since although it may be less hot, it is very soft, and that is also interesting at bedtime.

They manifest a feeling of belonging

Just as he rubs his head down your legs to impregnate you with his pheronomas, by perching on you he is spreading his body odor over you because he considers you one of his own. You are someone they trust and, therefore, you belong to their group.

At the same time, your body odor also has a relaxing effect on your pussy. Check it, for example, leaving your clothes within reach , you will see that he kneads them or falls asleep on them. Without a doubt, they remind him of you and with you he feels comforted and safe. They find feminine beauty products intoxicating.

They express to their caregiver their affection for him

Felines love to wander, browsing, climbing and playing alone, but when all activities have already been carried out, and especially if you have been away from home for many hours, it is natural that feeling close is something that they value greatly to feel cared for and dear . Neglecting this aspect would be very harmful for your cat.

Cuddling up on you is quite the temptation for a healthy cat. He will seek contact with you as a means of showing his love for you. This statement is unequivocal if before sleeping you discover him kneading you with his front legs. It is a clear declaration of love , he is recalling the pleasure he felt when breastfeeding from his mother.

For a special sense of protection

This is one of the areas that has accumulated the most studies by ethologists. And it is that there is a certain co-responsibility between the security that you provide to your kitten and the one that he provides to you. Felines are known to have a particular energetic connection with the environment in which they live.

So that you understand it better, we could say that dogs are physically what cats are energetically. In addition to enjoying their company, dogs perform a certain role as guardians. Following this comparison, cats protect us from bad vibes and bad thoughts . They anticipate our moods.

If your cat knows that you are sad or worried, it is very likely that he feels the need to relieve you with his purr. In fact, there are numerous investigations that certify the therapeutic value of purring, for example, to reduce stress or to combat depression due to its beneficial action on our vital signs.

They give us more than we give them

Now that you know the main theories that explain the desire of cats to sleep over the humans they appreciate, you will be with us in that their contribution to the life of any person is greater than what they receive.

In their own way, they mobilize their particular resources to express their affection for those who take care of them and take care of their integral well-being. That your cat wants to be with you means that not only does he know that you feed him, he is revealing that he feels loved with you.


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