Why do cats prefer one person in the family?

Cats have a reputation for being demanding with their “housemates”, we know that at home, generally, they   prefer a person from the family . When you finally win the affection of a fussy feline, you are left with a great feeling.

Family members compete to be number one in a cat’s heart, but not all make it.

The person who feeds and cares for them is not always the most beloved of our cats . It may seem unfair, but for a cat, bonding with humans goes beyond meeting its basic needs. When they choose their favorite person, they are thinking of more than just one person to provide their next meal.

In this article I will expose the possible reasons that cats love a person more in the home, and what we can do for us to be chosen.

The cat, solitary animal or relational pet

First, I point out that in the long process of domestication, cats have also “adapted” their own behavior to live with man.

The latest studies on feline behavior, which studied “domestic cats” and colonies of cats in the city, have brought about an important change in our understanding of the feline:  the cat is not a social animal but is relational.

But anyway , and this is very important, the  cat can establish emotional  and bonding relationships with individuals of its own species, as well as of other species, including humans.

Cats do not suffer from loneliness, so if the house is full of stimuli, like a natural environment, the cat will feel perfectly at home. For these reasons, although cats do not need man to survive (with the exception of certain breeds such as  Persians or Sphynx , which cannot survive without man) living with a human being is completely practical for them as long as the conditions allow them. are favorable.


Reasons why cats choose a person

Contrary to the outgoing nature of a dog, which loves to be part of a family group and to follow its owner’s instructions, a cat is an independent and uncooperative creature.

I list below some of the reasons that will determine that your cat prefers one person in the family over the others:

1. The importance of personal space

Cats may want you to pet them, and after a while they will hit you with their paw to leave them alone. Cats are notorious for being moody, and they want our attention only when it interests them.

In most cases, the person who can best interpret these mood swings will also be the person who wins the cat’s heart. Cats will not politely accept someone to corner or pet them when they are not in the mood for interaction.

You will have a better chance of having a good relationship with your cat if you allow him to maintain control over his space. If you do that, he will know how to reward you, but all in good time.

2. Personality and character of the cat

Like people, cats have defined personalities. Regardless of how it is, cats choose their owners, depending on who best suits their own personality.

Cats are great observers and they know who is funny in the family, who is quiet, boring, and who is loud and intimidating. They will gravitate towards the person who behaves similarly to themselves, and they will act more distantly towards others.

We know that cats are independent animals. Unlike dogs that tend to develop destructive behavior when owners do not pay enough attention to them, cats do not require human contact for their existence.

See how stray cats manage to survive on their own in warehouses and abandoned buildings. These animals hunt mice and rats to survive.

Cats are known for their independent and distant personalities and their demand for bonding with a person. Knowing about this difficulty, some people are proud that their cats have chosen them .


3. How to gain a cat’s trust

If your cat has been rescued from a shelter and has confidence issues, there may be something from the past that is getting in the way. He could have had a bad experience with humans, so just with patience you should earn his trust.

It can also happen that you have ever done something that your cat did not like. You stepped on his tail, treated him with little delicacy or forcing him with a hug that he did not want, all of that can be remembered by your cat as something negative. Cats choose their “masters” based on whom they can trust.


How does the cat choose its “owner”?

A cat can survive in places together with other cats only if there are sufficient resources, such as food. However, over the centuries, the lure of food has attracted cats to man, while man, in turn, has used the feline to ward off mice and snakes. In addition to this mutual collaboration , a cat will also approach a person to create  a relationship based on an equitable exchange .

When a cat chooses you as his “companion”, it is due to several factors: behaviors, postures and smells. For example, a high-pitched voice, screaming or rapid movements directed at a cat could be interpreted as a threat; conversely, a calm tone of voice, relaxed movements, and half-closed eyes will have the opposite effect, earning the animal’s trust and friendship.

Cats also perceive people’s moods through  sight  and  smell : if we make them nervous, they will try to escape or, if they are forced to endure an uncomfortable situation, they can become aggressive.

However, if we are sad, like a good friend, they are likely to approach us to offer a hug or to try to distract us from our sadness. In a family group, because everyone behaves differently, a cat will treat each member of the family according to its own behavior, it will not hide its preferences.

Like friendships between humans,  friendships between cats and men  are based on conditions that must be met: if these conditions are not met, the bond can be weakened and broken. To avoid this situation, we must start by abandoning the anthropocentric view in the relationship between humans and pets: our cat is not our subordinate, but a friend and equal!

How to get your cat to choose you

To become best friends with your cat, you will need to learn how cats communicate and interpret signals accordingly. The most important thing is not to interact with the cat when he or she does not want that. That’s why learning to interpret your pet’s cues could be a winning strategy. After all, it’s the same thing that happens with humans, right?


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