Why do cats like to sleep at our feet

Why do cats like to sleep at our feet?

During the night, especially in winter, it is common for cats to snuggle up next to us and rest at our feet.

Do you wonder why they do it? Actually, this behavior, which is curious to us at least, has its reasons. Let’s see what they can be from SoyUnGato.

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They choose that corner guided by their instinct for protection

Despite being used to living in a home and not suffering major shocks, cats will never lose their survival instincts. They are hunters by nature , which forces them to always be on the alert.

They know that during the hours of sleep they lower their guard and, therefore, they choose a corner where they feel sheltered. Another typical feature of cats is that they prefer to sleep with their backs supported by something to “have their backs covered.” By standing next to a human’s legs, they feel protected and, at the same time, safe from being crushed inadvertently.

Why do they prefer to be on their feet and not elsewhere? Simple, so as not to be crushed

Felines also know that sleeping next to someone who is 10 to 1 overweight carries certain risks. This is why they choose places where the weight of their bed partner is lighter or where they can escape more easily if there is an unexpected night turn.

This habit of moving towards the feet is reaffirmed as the cat becomes an adult. A puppy will surely prefer to lie at chest level, as the heartbeat will remind him of his infant stage. In that case it is convenient to be very careful.

Over time they will change their preferences towards safer areas of the bed , sleeping at the height of our heads or the feet of that special person whom they chose to share their nights with.

Felines protect their territory even when they sleep

Felines are usually very territorial when it comes to establishing relationships with their environment. Since they were little they are dedicated to exploring every corner, to control their place. As adults they are always attentive to what happens in each space of what they consider to be their territory.

This sense of belonging also carries over to people. He may be affectionate towards everyone in the household , but there will only be one he will choose to sleep with. The cat does not consider that it sleeps next to the human, but it is the human who sleeps next to it. According to his perception, we live in his territory and it is his favorite person who has the privilege of sharing his bed.

In addition, a pussycat also rewards its favorite by licking it or rubbing its body. That shows that he loves us and trusts us. The felines place great importance on daily grooming and, if they lick us, it is because they care about our well-being .

One point to keep in mind: if you bring a new dog or cat home, they are likely to get angry. You cannot decide who enters their territory. It may even punish you by avoiding sleeping with you for a while. Don’t worry, sooner or later it will pass and you will feel it again every morning by your side.

A pussycat is the most reliable alarm clock you can have

If you sleep next to a cat, surely you hardly even use the alarm clock. Your mornings start with an ear meow or lick that signals it’s time to start the day. That’s because, in addition to being territorial, cats are very routine and they don’t like surprises too much.

If you turn off the alarm by mistake or try to get the extra ten minutes that the alarm allows, you have no doubt that it will be there to prevent it. Replicating the habit each day makes them feel safe. But don’t worry, if you’ve caught a good flu and don’t get out of bed, after a few minutes he’ll understand and stay by your side to keep you company .

After all, you don’t want anything bad to happen to your favorite human. Tell us, in your home, do you share a bed with one of these adorable furries? Do you usually wake up on time every morning?


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