Why do cats like heights?

Does your cat spend his life on top of the refrigerator? Do you take naps on top of the roof? Are you jumping between the tallest trees? This is totally normal behavior in our feline friends. The question is; Why do cats like heights so much?

To survive in the wild, animals are constantly learning how to better adapt to their environment. When animals are domesticated, many of these survival traits persist as behaviors, which we alternately find annoying, amusing, disconcerting, or hypnotizing.

For us humans, a refrigerator is simply a kitchen appliance, no more, no less. But for most cats, the top of the fridge is the Promised Land, a must-see destination at all costs.

Cats live in three dimensions, they are not terrestrial creatures like dogs, they just like to climb.


Height equals safety

Why do so many of our beloved felines like to survey their kingdom from on high? To correctly answer this question, it is important to understand that cats are both predators and prey. They are predators of smaller prey, such as rabbits, rodents, and birds, to name a few. However, they are also preyed upon by larger predators, such as dogs or wolves.

Staying in higher places is a behavior in cats, which is associated with a higher probability of survival. Standing in an elevated location gives them a better vantage point to spot prey and predators alike.

Trees for example are strategic places to hunt, since from them they can observe the prey, and at the same time, hide themselves through the branches and leaves of other predators.


The prestige that height gives

There is also a certain prestige that comes along with the highest place in the house. Height can be indirectly a sign of status, something that differentiates them, and positions them above, literally and figuratively, the other members of the house, be they people, dogs or other cats.

The cat that controls the best location is generally the dominant cat, the “top cat.” From that place, your cat can examine his entire kingdom, and be aware of all the activities that occur in it.


Give me some space

Adult cats also use their climbing ability, to avoid potentially conflicting interactions with other members of their own species. Mother cats can also do this to avoid their kittens, especially during weaning time.

Depending on how busy or quiet your home is, this behavior may be more common or less. Cats are very much his, and as affectionate as they can be, sometimes they need their space. They need a solitude and a tranquility that only the heights bring them.


Do you know how much your kitty really loves you?



How to give your cat the vertical space it needsCats instinctively like and comfort themselves from above, but they also require vertical spaces to feel mentally stimulated. Therefore, it is crucial that you provide your kitty with opportunities to explore and climb indoors.

Imagine being locked up in your house all day, and like this every day. You would climb the walls! Especially in cats that spend their entire lives indoors, it is very important that you have enough heights to interact.

You can increase the vertical space of your house by hanging shelves on the wall so they can climb and play on them, and you should have a high place for each cat.

Another way to achieve this is to buy a large scratching tree , which will serve as a castle. They can also serve hanging beds , if you hang them at a more or less considerable height, they will love them.




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