Why do cats like cardboard boxes?

Anyone who has a cat can attest to the magnetic power of the box, no matter the shape or size. Although we are quite aware of this love story, what is the reason? Why do cats like boxes?

First, why do cats like boxes?

There are a couple of answers to the question, “Why do cats like boxes?” According to  Live Science  , searching for confined spaces, like boxes, goes back to instinct. In the wild, these spaces allow cats to  hide  and hunt successfully. We don’t often see cats exhibit this behavior outdoors, but they are still looking for ways to replicate this behavior  within  our homes. This is where the box comes in.

When we present empty boxes to our house cats, they first carefully investigate the object. They are completely familiar with every square inch of their domain, so when something new comes in, they are obviously curious. Once their curiosity is satisfied, instinct kicks in and they jump inside.

Some also note that the safety of a box could mimic the warm heat a kitten feels while cuddling with its mother and littermates. As a result, it is possible that, while sitting on the box, a cat’s body releases endorphins that cause pleasure and reduce  stress  .

What kind of boxes do cats like?

The next question you may have afterward, “Why do cats like boxes” is, “What  types  of boxes do cats like? Do you like boxes of any size, shape or form, or do you prefer some boxes over others?

Although it seems that cats would only like boxes that provide complete concealment, they do enjoy spending time in boxes of any size, and even   renderings  box . Remember this   experiment that showed cats falling into a  duct-taped circle on the floor? The theory behind its success is that the cats still felt safe and enclosed, even though the “box” had no sides, not even a bottom. It wasn’t even a box!

Why do cats especially like boxes made of cardboard? Cardboard boxes are the most popular and readily available types of boxes that cats like. Some experts say that the cardboard could effectively retain the cat’s body heat, creating a cozy environment.

In a  Dutch study  , researchers gave a group of shelter cats empty boxes to use as retreats. Those cats adapted to their environment and appeared more relaxed than the control group without the boxes. Science!

Are the boxes only for domesticated cats?


When asking yourself, “Why do cats like boxes?” You might also ask yourself, “Do your feline cousins ​​like tigers like boxes too?” Domesticated cats aren’t the only ones who enjoy a pretty box. Big cats are fans too, which makes perfect sense, right? The only difference is: bigger cats, bigger boxes!

What kind of boxes should / shouldn’t you give your cat?


Another thing to keep in mind when thinking: “Why do cats like boxes?” It is what kind of boxes you offer your cat. Giving your cat boxes is a great way to provide a nurturing environment. Cat trees with tall boxes and raised stash holes are the favorite felines, while some cats prefer hiding places closer to the ground. Experiment to see what your cat prefers.

If you offer Kitty recycled boxes, keep her safety in mind by eliminating all hazards like staples, tape, handles,  string,  and loose parts; they could be choking hazards or, if swallowed, could cause damage (sometimes fatal) to your digestive tract. Also, never lock your cat in a box and get out of here. Cats do not like to feel trapped and their anxiety produces feelings of insecurity, the opposite feeling they seek from the box.

So, go ahead and provide enrichment by offering your cat boxes of all shapes and sizes. Even tape some tape to the floor and see what happens! Just make sure your little tiger is safe as he enjoys his “secret” retreat.

Tell us:  Why do you think cats like boxes? What kind of boxes do you like best

  1. It reassures them

Cats have always loved hiding places. High  places  or  confined spaces  allow them to  feel safe from predators,  giving them a sense of security and comfort. In fact, cats are true control maniacs. You  need to have eyes everywhere  in order to control the comings and goings of your environment. If danger looms, they immediately know what attitude to adopt: flee, hide …

So if your cat likes to sleep in your shoe boxes, it’s not because he smells there, but because he knows that he can sleep peacefully,  without the risk of being disturbed  . Especially since cats need a lot of sleep, around  16 to 18 hours a day  . And it is not because they are boring, but because they are necessary.

  1. Keeps warm

Sleeping in a ball in small areas like cardboard boxes allows your cat to  better regulate his body temperature  and not suffer from heat loss. This allows you to stay warm without the need to stick to a radiator. No wonder winter is the most attracted to boxes!

  1. Allows them to scratch

The cards are made of a material that cats love to scratch. This activity is essential for our feline friends, as it allows them to  maintain and sharpen their claws  . In fact, bad claws could be fatal to your cat. Not only would he not be able to  hunt properly  and feed himself better, but he would not be able to do one of his favorite things: climb trees.

Be happy, your adorable cat better use a   cardboard scratcher instead of your couch! If not, know that there are  tips to prevent your cat from scratching your furniture  .




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