Why do cats cover their faces when they sleep?

Your purring friend makes the dream seem easy. He passes out on the back of the sofa, lying in the middle on the living room floor and even on top of a pile of clean clothes. But there is something that always catches your attention; tends to cover his face while sleeping . This is just one of those little behaviors that practically all cats do.

It can be challenging to decipher a cat’s behavior. Since we cannot ask a kitten to explain certain behaviors to us, our best recourse is simply to smile at the cuteness of its actions, such as when it covers its face with its paws or its tail when it sleeps. What’s up with that? Read on and find out!


The art of napping

Our feline friends perfected the art of napping eons ago , and they easily spend 15 hours a day or more, sleeping. Since cats are twilight creatures, they prefer to walk around during the twilight or dawn hours.

Its incredible vision is well suited for finding and capturing prey in low light in the environment. During hunting, cats consume a lot of energy. The process of digesting also requires energy, which is why your cat likes to snuggle up for a nap, after it has eaten its food.

When your kitten lies with her head raised and her eyes partially closed, with her ears twitching from time to time, she is half asleep. Deep sleep is when your cat has her eyes closed and is usually snuggled up in a warm and cozy place. You will often see your cat covering her face with her paws when she is in a deep sleep.

Here are 5 reasons why your kitten covers his face when he sleeps :

Feeling of security

Cats are predators and prey, and they are programmed to look for places to sleep where they feel safe. Even though your kitty likes to snuggle anywhere in the house, she does the only thing she can, and that gives her a sense of security ; and that is covering your face. You may also like to bury your head between cushions or a blanket. For some reason, this makes them feel safe even though the rest of their body is still in view, it’s like the ostrich effect.


Block the light

Our feline friends are experts at finding places to sleep in the sun, but the problem with some of these wonderful places is how to keep bright light away from their eyes. Your kitty found that she can use her legs or tail to block light and be more comfortable. When trying to sleep during the day, it seems that many cats prefer blackout curtains as some humans do.

Keeps your nose warm

Cuddling into a ball is the best way to retain warmth. You will likely notice that your cat is snuggled tightly when there is some coolness in the environment, whether indoors or out. Putting her feet under her body and wrapping a paw or tail around her face helps keep her little nose warm.

It is a comfort factor

Cats have a variety of sleeping positions that are comfortable for them, and it varies for each individual. Over the years, I have had cats that like to stretch their front paws above their heads when they sleep on their back or stomach. For some cats, wrapping one or both paws around their faces is a comfortable way to deal with their body positioning while they sleep peacefully.


Too soaked to move

Keeping the fur clean is a high priority for a feline, and it is necessary for its coat to maintain maximum protection and warmth. It can be exhausting work to spend all that time getting ready, especially when the urge to sleep cuts through a work in progress.

Sometimes the work is not done, and the cat begins to fall asleep while wiping its face with one paw, and it is easier to leave that paw where it is . Also, you can decide to finish your grooming job once you wake up, and your paw is already in the perfect position if that happens.


Cats sleep in some of the strangest positions at times. Seeing them makes us smile, and we naturally think our kitty is the most adorable creature we’ve ever seen. We may not understand all the mysterious secrets of our cat, but I hope that this article and this website will help all of us to better know the most magical animal on the planet.




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