Why do cats climb trees? Here I explain it to you

We know that to cats like to climb them, and one of the sites most like to climb trees they are . We also know that cats are sometimes unable to climb down from these trees and it is necessary to come to their rescue.

Instinct plays an important role in determining this feline habit . The first cats were hunters and many of them lived in the rainforests. Their claws enabled them to deftly climb, sneak into trees for safety, or climb high to stalk prey. In other words, climbing power has survival value and became a way of life for cats.

The body structure of a cat is well shaped for climbing . They have strong muscular backs that help them climb and muscular hind legs that allow them to propel themselves to higher places. But their bodies are not designed to descend so cats often get caught in trees.

But have you ever wondered why cats climb trees? 

Reasons why cats climb trees

Cats climb to high places, especially trees, to stay safe from predators, avoiding being hunted by surprise.

Cats are vulnerable to attacks from larger animals, such as dogs or other cats . A tree often provides a safe place to hide, particularly from any pesky canines that are passing by. It also helps to disguise its presence, which can prevent any prey from noticing that there is a cat in the vicinity .  In other words, climbing power has survival value and became a way of life for cats.

Also  cats are predators who love birds. Birds are in the trees that attract cats to venture upwards. They will stalk their prey and get as close as possible to get a better view, spend hours trying to hunt it. They feel a sense of satisfaction and pride when they catch birds or any other small animal that is in the trees.

Other cats can climb trees for fun or to improve their climbing skills . Kittens frequently test their claw skills by trying to scale anything from bookshelves to trees to a person’s leg. Climbing practice is good for cats, it can improve their strength and flexibility and teach them important defensive skills.

For a cat that spends a lot of time outside, climbing a tree may also be the best option to be able to see what is going on around him, and better inspect his environment.


Why can’t some cats come down from trees?

While cats can go up easily, going down is more difficult. The cat’s claws grow inward, making it very difficult for them to grab onto the tree trunk and head downward. The shape of their bodies also prevents them from going down easily. If your cat is not very high, you may find that he can reach the ground with a graceful leap, but if he is too high he could find himself in a difficult situation.

Sometimes some cats can be injured and unable to climb down because the predator they are trying to escape from is still in the area; in other cases, the cat is simply too high or too scared to fall.

If you want to keep your cat out of the trees, it is best to keep it indoors. To satisfy their climbing instincts, you can buy a cat tree . Cat trees can be of all sizes, from very elaborate to a simple tower, you can surely find something that your cat will enjoy. A cat tree can also keep your cat away from other places in your home like couches or curtains.




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