Why Can’t Cats Eat Fish?

There are many myths around the feeding of cats, such as the one that says that homemade or raw food is toxic for them, or that the only thing they can eat is quality feed. Well, I prefer to be skeptical, and I’ll tell you why: in nature there is no one to prepare croquettes (I think), so carnivorous animals must hunt their prey if they want to survive.

Still, it’s totally normal for people to wonder why cats can’t eat fish .

All extremes are harmful to health

Both the excess and the lack of fish can be harmful to the health of the animal, in this case the cat. If you were to eat only raw fish, you would end up having very low levels of vitamin B1 , since fish contain thiaminase (an enzyme that causes this effect), and it would not take long for you to have serious problems such as seizures or even, in severe cases, it could reach to die.

Also keep in mind that there are several fish that contain mercury, as well as bacteria, so it is always recommended to cook them. Another option is to give them good quality cans for cats (I think wet) that contain fish, as this way you make sure that it will not do any damage to it as it is already perfectly washed and cooked.

Raw fish can be toxic

In addition to the symptoms that we have mentioned, the cat may present other equally worrisome ones, such as: vomiting, fever, or diarrhea. In severe cases you can end up with yellow fat disease (pansteatitis).

Thus, if your furry asks you for fish, give it to him without fear , but, I insist, always cooked or in high-quality cans prepared for these animals, and only occasionally (for example, to celebrate his birthday 🙂).



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