Why are there grain-free feed

In recent times we can find in pet stores some types of feed that do not contain cereals, that is, they are »grain-free». But why? What is the reason why they have started to be commercialized?

If you are wondering why grain-free feed exists, then I will explain it to you .

Because they exist?

From the 50-60s there was a surplus of cereals, which led to the creation of animal feed. For this reason, today there is a wide variety of feed, both low and medium quality, there is even some that is considered high-end that is based on these ingredients.

The problem is that we are giving cereals to animals that are carnivores (not vegetarians or omnivores) , that is, they must eat meat. It’s like trying to feed a lion a salad; Even in the hypothetical case that he ate it, it would not satisfy his hunger. For this reason, there are more and more feed without cereals, which respect the carnivorous instinct of cats.

What are the benefits?

Although there are studies in this regard, I am going to tell you about what I have seen and verified with my cats. You see, I give those who are with me at home a high quality feed, which does not contain any type of cereal; For those in the garden, for economic reasons, I give them a mid-range one that does carry rice, which is the least bad cereal. The differences are notable:

  • Cats that are at home:
  • Garden cats:
    • Their hair does not shine.
    • Teeth start to look dirty early (at 5-6 years).
    • Their breath tends to smell bad after a certain age (4-5 years).
    • The stool is larger than it should be (sometimes I have thought that almost everything they eat is expelled in the form of stool), and with a very bad smell.

And the drawbacks?

From my point of view, the only drawback is the price , that is why I advise buying it in online stores since they usually make offers and discounts. The cost is between 7 and 10 euros per kilo of dry food, and between 8 and 14 euros (or more) per kilo of wet food.



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