Why are people with cats happier?

If you are a follower of the blog, you have surely been able to see for yourself, but sometimes if we still do not live with a furry one we may have many doubts about which animal to choose to spend the next few years, especially when we like both dogs and cats.

As well. If you want to know why people with cats are happier , then I will answer your question.

A cat will never be like a dog

People who live with cats know that the relationship is very different from the one that others have with their dogs. A cat is, in this sense, very much like a human: if it is not treated with respect, it will leave our side ; On the other hand, a dog that has fallen into the wrong hands will regain trust in people much earlier.

In addition, while the dog will wait for us anxiously behind the door from day one, the feline will only do so when it has gained confidence, and for that days, weeks or months may pass.

If you are a woman and you have a cat, you will be very happy

An investigation, entitled ” Spouses and Cats and their Effects on Human Mood ” conducted by the Institute of applied Ethology and Animal Psychology, surveyed 212 couples with cats, 31 couples without cats, 92 singles with cats and 52 singles without cats. One of the tests they were subjected to consisted of assessing their feelings in their coexistence with cats, choosing adjectives from a list that was shown to them, which were then ordered into 14 mood categories.

This way they were able to find out that women had a stronger relationship than men towards cats , and not only that, but they also felt more confident about themselves.

You get what you give


Humans and cats can develop complex relationships . It is easy for a cat to meow more if his person responds to him, and over time he can communicate something to him, I have even come to think that they are capable of manipulating us – without bad faith, of course – to get what they want. For example, my cat Sasha when she wants immediate attention she meows in a very peculiar way. He knows well that I respond instantly, so he does it over and over again if he wants or needs something, whatever, even if it’s caresses.

On the contrary, and as we said at the beginning, if it is ignored or not cared for correctly, we will not get the feline friend that we could have.




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