White cat breeds

Cats can be a variety of different breeds. Some of these breeds are known to have a specific type of coat, such as the Devon Rex, others are known to have specific patterns on their coat, such as the Bengal, and still, others are known in a classic color, such as Russian Blue. The different appearances of cats are part of what makes them so attractive and unique. All cat lovers seem to have their favorite breed or color, and white cats are a popular color choice for many.


Many cat breeds produce white cats, but mixed-breed or domestic cats can also have white fur. Long or short hair, if a white cat is what you are looking for, then there is a breed for you.

  • American Shorthair –This breed of cat is known for its adorable round face. It was originally known as the Domestic Shorthair, but the name was changed in the 1960s to avoid confusion with cats that do not have a pedigree. American Shorthair cats can come in over 80 different colors, one of which is white.
  • European Shorthair –Also similar to domestic cats, this European version of the American Shorthair can come in many colors, including pure white. They are the national cat of Finland and are very popular throughout Scandinavia.
  • Maine Coons –Recognized as large, long-haired cats that have adapted to survive colder temperatures, Maine Coons are often seen with their brown tabby stripes. Another 75 color combinations are also allowed in the breed standard, one of which is pure white.
  • Oriental –This slender cat can come in almost every color imaginable, including white. They are very personable and love the attention of their owners. Their attitudes are different and they will let you know if they don’t appreciate you putting away your candy or hiding your toy.
  • Persian –Fluffy, frowning, and smooth-faced Persians are beautiful cats that come in many colors, including white. These cats require a lot of grooming to keep their glorious manes properly groomed for Persian perfection.
  • Siberian:Strong and agile, Siberian Forest cats have three coats of hair and come in all genetically possible colors. Despite their thick fur, Siberian white cats are known to be hypoallergenic . They are also the national cat of Russia and are alternatively known as Moscow Semi-Longhair cats.
  • Turkish Angora –These beautiful, classic white cats have long, graceful fur. They are known to be graceful and loving and originate from Turkey.
  • Devon Rex:Not your average cat, the Devon Rex is a slim cat with very little fur. It has large ears and is often said to resemble an elf. A Devon Rex’s coat can come in white, along with a variety of other colors, and is very short and curly.
  • Siamese –Also known as “foreign whites,” pure white Siamese cats lack the classic colored “spots” that others of the same breed have. Siamese kittens are also born white and develop their darker colors as they grow.

Various cat registries also allow other cat breeds to be completely white. Still more breeds may have white spots or colorations on various parts of their body along with other colors or patterns.

White or albino

White cats are cats that simply have white fur, while albino cats are cats that have a genetic condition in which they lack melanin called albinism. Therefore, albino cats are white cats, but not all white cats are albino cats. The albinos cats will clear blue eyes, pink or pink blue, while white cats can have a variety of eye colors. True albinism is quite rare, while white cats are much more commonly seen.

Folklore and myths of the white cat breeds

Cats appear in folklore quite often, and sometimes these tales specifically mention white felines.

Throughout folklore in the United States, white cats are said to be lucky, while black cats are supposedly unlucky. This is an especially strong belief for white cats in Asian countries, where they are very popular as toys, figures, and animated characters. The white cats often seen in windows in Japan holding one of their paws are known as “maneki neko,” which means “calling the cats,” and they represent “good things to come.”
Dreaming of a white cat can be an indication that difficult times await you.

Disadvantages of white cat breeds

Like anything that is light in color, white cats tend to look dirtier than other colored cats. Fortunately, however, cats are carefully cleaned animals, so unless your white cat has spent time rolling on the ground, you won’t be able to tell the difference between him and your brown tabby .

White cats are also often deaf if they have one or two blue eyes. While deafness is an impediment, it does not deter a house cat from leading a long and happy life, despite the fact that it cannot hear you yelling at it to get off the counter. Being a deaf cat simply means that it is not suitable for unsupervised time outside as it is less likely to be aware of potential dangers that would otherwise be audible to hearing cats.

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