Which are the cats that shed less hair

Bambino the cat


The Bambino cat could be said to be a small 4kg ūüôā Sphynx.¬†In fact, this breed is the result of the crossing of the Sphynx with the¬†Munchkin¬†.¬†These animals have a social character, so much so that they will always want to be in the company of their family.¬†Cheerful and intelligent, they have the peculiarity that they¬†do not shed any hair¬†.

Elf Cat


The union between the Sphynx and the American Curl gave rise to a beautiful cat with the tips of the ears back , hence the name Elf cat. This breed is really recent, since it was created in 2009. They are extremely affectionate cats, who do not like to spend a lot of time alone. They are ideal for living with people who need company. And, as if that were not enough, it does not shed hair either .

Siberian cat


You may think that this breed of cat should not be on this list, but … let me tell you that the Siberian cat is one of the ones that loses the least hair because it is oily.¬†There are those who think that it drops the same amount as one with short hair, but if you want to have a teddy to take care of, it¬†will be enough to comb it daily¬†ūüėČ.

Other breeds


If you are not convinced by any of the previous breeds, there are others that do not need many hairdressing sessions either, such as: the Siamese cat , the Turkish Angora or the Balinese .

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