When to give a cat for adoption?

Sometimes a bad decision or a decision made suddenly can end up posing a problem in the future. When we adopt a cat we have to be aware that it is an animal, that it not only has feelings but can also live an average of 20 years.

If we want her to be really happy it is very necessary to always remember this, and that she needs a series of care. But what to do when a wrong decision has been made? Next I will tell you when to give a cat for adoption .

Things to keep in mind before giving it up for adoption

Leave him with his mother until he is 2 months old (at least)

If we have a cat that, for whatever reason, we have not wanted or been able to castrate and has become pregnant, she must stay with her children at least until they are two months old . It is very important that they are together during that time since in this way the little ones will learn to be and behave as what they are: cats.

Do not abandon it in the field or on the street

A cat that has lived with humans is much less likely to survive on the street than one that has been raised on it. Really, if you are going to separate from the feline, leave him in a Protective where you know that animals are not sacrificed or find yourself a new family for him that really loves him.

Make sure it’s going to be okay

There are those who think that because the cat is young or pretty it will not stay long in the shelter, but that is a very serious mistake. All animal shelters are saturated with dogs and cats, purebreds and mixed breeds waiting to find a new family. Many of them will never make it. That is why it is necessary that you inform yourself about the way of acting of that center where you are going to leave the cat , because if it is one that euthanizes and / or has the animals in cages that are not cleaned frequently, the feline will feel terribly wrong.

Does your cat need to find a new home?

There can be many reasons why you have to find a new home for your cat: financial difficulties, undesirable behaviors, allergies to pets … But as we say above, do not leave him on the street.

Pet-related problems can be frustrating, and you may feel that giving up your pet is the only solution. But before taking that step, check out the resources available to help solve problems that may seem overwhelming at first. Best Case: You won’t have to part with your cat after all . But if you do, our tips can help you find your pet in a loved new home.

Help is out there


Do you have behavior problems with your cat? You may not have to give up your pet. Many behavior problems can be caused by a treatable medical condition . For example, a cat relieving herself in a litter box at home may begin to urinate outside due to a urinary tract infection that can be easily diagnosed and treated by a veterinarian.

If there is no physical cause for the problem, remember that many common pet behavior problems have simple solutions. Check out our tips below or consider consulting an animal behavior specialist or trainer. Local animal shelters or rescue groups may offer low-cost veterinary care or training services, or they may refer you to other organizations that offer these services.

They can help you soothe frightened cats, how to stop destructive scratching or chewing, how to solve litter box problems, how to help pets get along with each other, and more.

Domestic problems? You may not have to give up your pet. If you are having trouble finding pet-friendly housing, or are experiencing other pet-related housing difficulties, such as an annoying complaint, you can move to another place where pets are accepted.

Do you have allergies to pets? You may not have to give up your cat. You can talk to your doctor to see what options you have even if you are allergic to your pet. There are always other options and you don’t always have to part with them.

In the same way, if you have financial problems to pay the expenses that your cat generates, you are not alone. There are many people who may experience unexpected financial crisis. Do not panic, there are many organizations and associations that can help you with food and other essential elements for pet care . They can also help and advise you on behavior and spaying, as well as other low-cost or free veterinary care.

If you have a baby at home, you do not have to give up your cat because he is also part of your family and can be part of your growing family that is safe, happy and united. Talk to your doctor if you have questions, but you don’t have to get rid of your cat to expand your family.

Find a new home

If you think that giving your pet up for adoption is the best option, keep in mind that despite the best efforts of shelters and rescues to care for their animals, your home is often the best place for your pet while you are looking for an adopter.

By taking on the task of finding a home for your pet, you can also reduce competition for limited space and resources in shelters or rescues. Here are some tips for finding a loving home for your pet :

  • Make your pet attractive to potential adopters. Keep your pet vaccinated and with all the vet’s checkups up to date. You have to make sure that your pet is spayed or neutered as this can also make the prospective adopter do it more quickly.
  • Advertise through friends, neighbors, and local vets. Your personal network is the best group of adopters for your pet. Ask your vet if you can put up a poster announcing your pet’s need for a new home. Put up posters promoting your pet at work, school, church, and other public places you frequent. Include a good quality photo and an attractive description of your pet.
  • Take advantage of social networks. Post your pet’s photo and story and ask your friends to share it on their social networks.
  • Be transparent with potential adopters. You have to be prepared to share details about your pet’s personality and how they get along with other pets and people. Share your pet’s favorite things and the not-so-favorite things. And share any medical or behavioral problems your pet is experiencing so potential new owners have the information they need to determine if their pet would be a good fit for their family.
  • Get help from shelters, associations or rescue groups. Some shelter and rescue organizations may post your pet’s photo and profile on their website as a courtesy listing, while your pet stays in your home while you wait for a potential adopter to enter your lives.
  • As a last resort, you can turn your pet over to a local shelter or rescue organization. Each agency may have a different process for delivering a pet to the care of others, but get information by calling these locations first or looking for information online.


Whether the cat is small or adult, there are always options before abandoning it . He is your family, if you can stay with him he will be the best option for everyone. But if you can’t for whatever reasons, DON’T GIVE UP. Find him a home that is willing to take care of him and give him the love that he so deserves but that you cannot give him now. It is a living being and deserves all the respect in the world.

Can you avoid having to separate from the cat? Of course. To do this, it is enough to know in advance if we can really take care of him and, once he is six months old, take him to be castrated. Only with this we could avoid the suffering of billions of felines.



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