When to adopt a cat

We live in a world where, unfortunately, there are many, many people who abandon their cats. Whether it’s because they move or because they don’t want to take care of them anymore, animal shelters are increasingly full of precious little furries that all they want is a family that takes care of them as they deserve.

If you are thinking of increasing your family and would like to know when to adopt a cat, read on to find out when is the best time to bring the furry into your home .

Things to do before adopting

As much as you like cats, it is very, very important that, before making the decision, you do a series of things so that, when the time comes, the new furry is a source of joy for all:

  • Talk to all the members of your family: get together and talk about it, see what they think of the idea. Taking an animal to a house where there is someone who does not like furry hair does not always go well.
  • Set limits early on: Before the cat is even home, the whole family should agree on whether to let it get on the couch or sleep with someone. The education of the cat will fall on the adults, but the children also have to do their bit so as not to confuse the animal 🙂.
  • Buy everything you need: once everyone agrees that it is time to grow the family, it will be time to go shopping. The new member will need a feeder and waterer, a scratching post, toys, a bed and a litter tray, as well as grain-free food, fresh clean water and kitty litter .

When to adopt a cat?

When everything is ready at home, it will be time to go for the cat . But of course, which is better, adopt a kitten or an adult cat? The truth is that it depends. If there are already animals at home, the best thing to do is to take a kitten as it will cost much less to adapt.

Now, if there are no more furry and the family is calm (and wants to continue being so), it is best to opt for an adult cat, since it has a well-trained character and will not spend the day running around, but rather with you. asking for pampering.



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