When kittens start to relieve themselves

When you find an orphaned kitten only a few days or weeks old, you have to give it a series of care because you know that, otherwise, it will not have any chance of survival. Thus, as time passes and the furry one grows, you will begin to wish for the big day to come: the day when he finally learns to relieve himself without help from anyone .

Why? Because when that happens, the feline will no longer depend so much on you, as it will have learned to eat from its plate without problems. Now, for that we will have to wait a few weeks. In the meantime, let’s see  when kittens start to relieve themselves .

From 0 to 1 month of life

How often does a baby cat defecate?

Kittens up to 1 month of age should be fed with kitten milk sold in pet stores or veterinary clinics, either with a needleless syringe or, better, a special bottle for animals, every 3 or 4 hours (except at night, which will not be necessary to wake them if they are healthy)

After each meal, they must be encouraged to relieve themselves, since otherwise problems could arise. But beware, if we only talk about defecations, we have to know that doing it once / day will be more than enough .

How to make a newborn kitten defecate?

After 10 minutes of having eaten, what we will do is massage it in circles with the index finger . We start from under the ribs and work our way down little by little. The movement has to be smooth, with almost no pressure. So we have to stay a couple of minutes.

Then, we take cotton or toilet paper, moisten it with warm water (about 38ºC) and rub it on both sides of the anus for a little while (normally, after about 20-30 seconds the furry person usually expels the stool).

How is the feces of a kitten?

As long as you are healthy, they are yellowish in color . In addition, they have a doughy texture. In the event that they are greenish, reddish or blackish, you have to take him to the vet as soon as possible.

How many days can a baby cat go without defecating?

I can’t tell you the exact number, since it depends a lot on your health . If you are healthy, you can be up to three days, but it is not healthy. Ideally, you should relieve yourself every day.

From the month of life


When do kittens start eating?

Once they have completed the month , they no longer have to be given a bottle / syringe, but they do have to start giving them soft food , such as wet kitten food, with milk or water every 4 or 5 hours.

By then it will not be necessary to continue helping him to defecate, but if we see that it is difficult for them, we will have to continue.

When do cats begin to relieve themselves?

It depends a lot on when you start giving them solid food . I can tell you that my cat Sasha began to relieve herself a day or a few days after I gave her a can for the first time, but each feline is different. Yours could take longer, or less.

How to teach a baby cat to use the litter box?

It is very simple. You just have to put your litter box near your feeder, and place it inside 10-15 minutes after eating . As soon as he eliminates, give him a treat (treat, touch).

It may be difficult at first, but by sheer instinct you will quickly learn to relieve yourself on the tray. Of course, when he is two months old, keep his litter box separate from the food. Cats do not like to be eating near where they relieve themselves, nor vice versa: doing their things with food close by.

How long do kittens take to learn to use the litter box?

The truth is that, again, it  depends . There are kittens who learn quickly to both urinate and defecate in their litter, but there are others who have a harder time. There is no age for it, but I can tell you that, once you start eating solid foods, your digestive system begins to regulate itself. and with it, also their need to take care of their hygiene.

Do not worry. The big day will come. Most 6-week-old cats have already learned to do their own thing , so you just need to be patient and give them lots of pampering.

What to do if a kitten cannot defecate


If a kitten cannot defecate it is possible that it is constipated, in this case, it is important that you take some aspects into account. Constipation in cats is common , so you must recognize the symptoms, causes and solve it.

If your kitten eats and drinks water every day it is usual for him to defecate well, but if he has not defecated for two or more days or the stool is very hard or dry, it may be constipation. If he does not defecate, you will have to take him to the vet to assess his health.  

When a kitten is constipated, stool builds up in the colon and becomes hard, making it difficult for it to pass easily from the rectum. If constipation is prolonged, an intestinal obstruction or other health problems can occur, so it is important that you watch the times you go to the litter box and if you pass stools or not.  

Why can a kitten become constipated?

Some common causes of constipation in kittens can be:

  • Dehydration or low water intake
  • Low fiber diet
  • Bone consumption
  • Hair balls
  • Have eaten something strange, such as an object
  • Obesity
  • Pain
  • Renal problems
  • Stress

What are the symptoms?

The first symptom is easy to spot: no defecation. But in addition, there are other symptoms that you should keep in mind:

  • You try to defecate but you can’t
  • Spend a lot of time in the sandbox
  • Meows or cries whenever in the sandbox
  • The few stools you do have blood or mucus
  • He is not hungry
  • Vomits
  • Shows apathetic behavior

Avoid constipation in your kitten


It is important that you help him avoid constipation so that he does not have to go through it. To do this, if you see that he drinks little water, put more bowls of water at home or encourage him with water from a tap if it is suitable for consumption.

You can also mix dry food with wet cat food. Although it is necessary that you remember that not all your cat’s diet should be wet as this could dirty his teeth. If your cat normally presents constipation, it is best to talk to the vet and agree on a diet for him so that he can defecate properly without difficulty. There is fiber cat food that will help you achieve this.  

The sandbox must be in a quiet and always clean place. If your cat often vomits hairballs, give him small amounts of malt once a week. Also brush her hair to reduce dead hair that falls out.

As you can see, there are several strategies that you can use so that your cat does not suffer from constipation, no matter how old he is. It is important to know when you defecate and what your stools are like, but also what to do if you become constipated!

Hope it has fit.



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