When can a cat get pregnant?

If you own a cat or a female cat, it is perfectly normal to be interested in its fertile period, especially since not all pets have the same way of behaving during the fertile periods. For a cat, attention must be special. Therefore, to fully understand when your cat can get pregnant, you have to learn to recognize the behaviors that follow this delicate period.

When are cats hot?

In cats, as in the majority of mammals, only the female experiences a period of fertility. In fact, during a cat’s reproductive cycle, her fertile period is called the “  heat period  ”.

Over a year, the cat’s heat can be identified between mid-February and mid-September. On the other hand, short winter periods are excluded because of the excessive natural light which acts on their reproduction cycle.

Also, be aware that periods of heat can last a maximum of ten days per cycle. For some breeds, they might appear every seven days per cycle. As for its reproduction period, it should be noted that the frequency of appearance is every two weeks or every three weeks.

During this hot period, you will notice that your cat will meow differently, cuddle you a lot, and often display some aggressive behavior. Also, you will notice that she will deliberately seek out a male, given her biological disposition to mate.

The male cat does not experience a period of heat. On the other hand, he has the possibility of smelling a female in the heat for meters around. If you have a cat and you notice a fairly intense meow, day or night, then it will most likely have spotted a female in heat. Unlike the female, he is always ready to take action when the opportunity arises.

How is cat mating?

Mating in cats always takes place on the territory of the male. Indeed, when the female is in heat, she immediately starts looking for a male with whom to mate. In this case, you will find that your cat will meow louder than usual, much like she is in pain. Also, if you notice that she is constantly standing near the window or the door, it means that she is probably trying to run away to find a male to mate with.

The mating period is considered a period of acceptance by the female. It is manifested by an atypical posture during copulation. The cat lands on her stomach by pulling the hind legs and having the front legs down. To facilitate penetration, she will lift his cock. During this time, the male will stand on her, in order to take action. He may even give him a few scratches and also bite the skin on his neck.

Mating lasts only a few seconds, a maximum of 15 seconds, no more. After that, the female will emerge, meowing quite loudly. In addition, you should know that single copulation is not enough for the female to enter into gestation. To guarantee fertility to the female, it would take several intermittent projections during her reproductive cycle.

It should also be remembered that mating is a rather delicate phase in the life of cats. Thus, to guarantee good fertility, it is desirable to let the cat choose her male in peace, away from curious eyes.

When can a female cat breed?

Reproduction refers to the period of a cat’s life during which she is old enough to bear young. In general, it can reproduce from the age of 5 months. Plus, she can give birth up to twice a year, regardless of the time of year.

However, the best period for her in terms of fertility is between 2 and 5 years. It can even reproduce up to the age of 10. Gestation will mark the end of reproduction and announce the start of fertilization (pregnancy period). Moreover, the female cat could not reproduce if she had previously undergone sterilization.

When can a male cat breed?

In general, the male cat reproduces as soon as his genitals are formed. Indeed, the age of sexual maturity of the male cat is 6 to 7 months. From then on, he is able to mate with any female in heat.

The process remains long, however, because it must mark its territory and fight with its congeners, in order to increase its chances of being chosen by the female. It would still be necessary to ensure that it is not castrated if you want it to reproduce.

Another important fact is that the male cat can reproduce at any time of the year. Preferably during summer, fall and winter. Spring is a time when her desire to mate decreases sharply.


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