When can a cat be spayed after giving birth?

In the comments of an article on my blog they asked me, when can a cat be sterilized after giving birth? This question is understandable, because there are people who after the experience of giving birth to their cat, do not want to have more litters of kittens, and that this can be solved as soon as possible.

Next, in this article I will indicate the most appropriate time to sterilize your newly born cat .

How long does it take for the cat to be in heat after giving birth?

Most female cats will have a  heat cycle  within six to eight weeks after giving birth . On rare occasions, a cat will go into heat within a week after the birth of her kittens.

When 3 to 5 weeks have passed, the cat begins to leave the kittens alone, at this time the first signs of heat may appear, although it is more normal for cats to go into heat after giving birth  at 7-8 weeks after birth. birth of kittens.

Therefore, do not trust your cat during lactation, she can go into heat and become pregnant again. The first thing you must achieve is that the cat does not go out into the street, and that she does not hang out with male cats.

The second solution would be that you proceed to sterilize it as soon as possible, but what is the ideal time to castrate a cat that has given birth?

When to spay a cat after giving birth

In the case of a calving cat, the correct thing is that she be sterilized after a month, a maximum of a month and a half, because the cat has induced ovulation, that is,  every 2, 3 or 4 months it can go into heat , if there are male cats around.

Once a cat has given birth it is important that she breastfeeds the kittens for at least 4 to 6 weeks, which will be when the kittens begin weaning and start to eat alone. Kittens are totally dependent on their mothers until they are about a month old. The little ones need their milk to survive and develop.

Around 4 weeks after birth, female cats begin the weaning process and the gradual introduction of solid food to their kittens. At this time, the litter should be able to endure up to 24 hours without their mother during surgery and recovery.

Even after kittens begin weaning, female cats may continue to nurse intermittently.

Facilities for the sterilized cat to breastfeed

Spaying does not end a cat’s ability to nurse, no matter which sterilization process is used. When spaying a nursing cat’s side is performed, it allows you to more comfortably breastfeed your kittens while you recover from surgery.

This special ovariohysterectomy is performed through an incision on the left side of the cat’s body, rather than in the midline of the lower abdomen. This type of intervention allows the lactating cat: her reproductive organs are removed, but she can still comfortably feed her existing litter.

Sterilization of farrowing wild cats

When it comes to feral lactating cats, the situation requires an important decision on your part. If you are sure that you will be able to catch her again, you may decide to release her so that she can continue nursing her little kittens. If you are concerned that you may not be successful in catching them again, you can talk to your vet about performing a flank spay process instead of the more common midline spay.

Postoperative of the calved sterilized cat

Recovery time is crucial for all neutered cats, surgery is an invasive and quite complex procedure. Once we perform the sterilization, a series of cares must be taken into account to achieve adequate recovery.

  • Sterilization woundcare  : we have to protect the wound from infection, prevent it from licking, scratching or trying to remove the stitches. The daily cures established by the veterinarian will also be necessary.
  • Handlingcare  : it is important to prevent the cat from performing strong physical activity and sudden movements, to avoid opening the surgical wound or skipping stitches.
  • Feeding care: after sterilization you must be careful with the weight gain of your cat. It is necessary to provide a feed for sterilized cats, watch what they eat and increase the physical activity of the animal.

In any case, as we know that  a newly sterilized cat can breastfeed , keep the following in mind:

  • When sterilizing a cat  , stitches are given, either on the side or in the abdomen, and this can cause discomfort that prevents the cat from continuing to breastfeed after the operation. It doesn’t always happen, but it is possible.
  • There are cases in which the sucklingkittens died after neutering, probably because the anesthesia was transmitted to the mother cat’s milk.



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