When and how to wean cats

Normally, mother cats wean their little ones from one month and a half of age. But for various reasons, a kitten can end up orphaned by its mother or abandoned on the street, so then it will be a human who has to take care of it, since it alone could not survive .

But of course, how can we know that the day has come when we have to start including other foods in the hairy diet? Sometimes it is not easy, so we are going to explain when and how to wean cats .

When to wean a cat

Knowing that a cat is ready to eat other types of food and not just milk is very easy: he will tell us himself. Obviously, they do not know how to speak like us, but there are a few signs or signals that will indicate that the furry does not want so much bottle, and they are:

  • He starts to bite down hard oneverything he finds: the bottle, your fingers, etc.
  • You can already see the tips of his teeth.
  • He meows as if asking for more food after drinking his bottle, which is likely to last less and less.
  • If you have another cat that already eats I feed, the kitten may want to try it.

All this will happen more or less from 4 weeks of age , but there are some who at 3 weeks or 3 and a half weeks already want to stop drinking milk.

How to wean a cat

The weaning process should be gradual. We cannot substitute milk overnight for the feed or food that we want to give it. You have to think that his teeth are developing now, and until he is 2 or 2 and a half months old, he will not be able to chew the dry feed.

So, what we will do is to give him wet feed for kittens for at least 2 weeks, after which we can give him a taste of the dry feed soaked with milk. After two months, you can stop giving milk and substitute water.


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