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A question that many ask themselves, to understand the relationship that binds us to our pet. Are we just “useful” or is there more? Like the cat as the master sees

Despite a boundless love for our cats, sometimes a different behavior than usual, a repulsive attitude or a spite can give rise to some doubts about the relationship that binds us to Miao. In these cases the question arises: the cat as the master sees? A rather interesting question that deserves an adequate answer.

Our little ball of fur, just like us, can have happy days or moments and others in which not everything goes the right way. But there’s nothing to fear about the authenticity of the relationship: cats are rather sincere animals, their being independent from this point of view puts them in a privileged position because they don’t need your attention for who knows what ulterior motives . If they seek them, it is simply because they want to.

An aspect of no small importance and which represents a guarantee regarding the bond between human beings and animals. A relationship that can give many beautiful moments to spend together, including purrs, games, funny and amusing episodes that can certainly give satisfaction to both us and Miao. In short, a trusted friend to keep close and able to enrich our lives day after day.

Cats Recognize Their Owner

To explain how the cat sees its master, we need to start from the sense that our little ball of fur uses to look at us: the sight. How do our cats see us? It must be remembered that cats can see many (but not all) colors, even though they have a different perception from ours. They also have trouble focusing on what they are looking at closely, so they don’t always use their eyesight to recognize us.

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Mustache, for example, are fundamental receptors for sending information about their very close surroundings. But the real identifying element of a cat owner is actually us who provide it to Micio. Our four-legged animal, in fact, will be able to identify us through our smell. He will associate our figure with the smell and this for him will be an element capable of reassuring him about our presence around the house.

The Cat Becomes Attached To The Master

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So, the smells for cats they are essential to understand who they are dealing with. When he perceives our perfume, he will have the certainty of being in front of the human he has chosen as master. These are the pheromones of cats, substances that are emitted and received and which allow the feline to orient itself. A sort of fingerprint that is important for our little ball of fur to recognize its human, but also to recognize other felines.

But, net of the smell, does the cat really get attached? The answer is yes. Micio approaches us to give life to a real friendship: therefore not a master-animal relationship, as happens with dogs, but an equal relationship in which humans must also play their part.

behaviors, attitudes, tone of voice and postures play a fundamental role. If Miao realizes that he is dealing with a person who is calm, relaxed and can be trusted, he will be happy to grant his friendship to the human who is at home. Speaking of which, is it true that the cat becomes attached to only one person?

The Cat, How The Master Sees And Why

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To fully understand the cat as the master sees it, we need to clarify one issue: mood is a fundamental aspect to realize what idea our little ball of fur has made of us. Felines are gods careful observers and they scrutinize us even when we believe they are doing something else. In addition to this, they perceive how we are always thanks to the sense of smell which for them is a real “identification code” of our person.

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Cats understand if we are nervous and in that case they may move away or show aggression. Conversely, if they perceive us as sad, they tend to be very present, almost to the point of becoming our shadow. As good friends, in difficulty they want to be by our side, with the aim of cheering us up. In short, they are there but we must do the same.

The one between man and cat is an equal relationship. And just as Micio can be there for us, we too must be there for him. There are rules of conduct, constancy and attention that must be duly taken into consideration, otherwise there is the risk of losing the animal’s trust and seeing it gradually move away. The cat should not be seen as something of ours that as such owes us affection, on the contrary this must be conquered day after day without taking anything for granted. After all, that’s right too.

Do Cats Forget Their Owner’S Face After 3 Days?

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Among the false myths about cats, there is the one according to which they forget their master after a few days (even three) or, at most, after a few weeks. Nothing more false. On the contrary, cats are capable of recognize their master even after years. And once again, smell plays a fundamental role: for Miao, it is enough to smell whoever is in front of it to associate the person with the smell and start purring as a sign of celebration.

We could talk about olfactory memory, which the cat owns. Sometimes, after a brief separation, our little ball of fur, seeing her human again, could reveal an attitude of indifference that can last for a few hours. Nothing to worry about: it’s a sign of “offense” for having left her without us. What better testimony than this to show us how much he really cares about our presence?

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Does The Cat Recognize Its Master Even In The Midst Of Many People?

Affirmative answer. Just as we choose the cat, too the cat chooses his human. If it’s us, she will be able to recognize us even in the midst of a group of people. What is it that makes the difference? Again the answer is: the smell. For Miao, our smell becomes the identification code to find us everywhere. And if the place of his search for him is the house where you welcomed him, rest assured: he will be able to find you anywhere.

Does The Cat Suffer For The Disappearance Of Its Owner?

Kitty suffers from abandonment and loneliness and look for the missing master. The absence of the human of him of him can cause him sadness or even depression. The cat can even somatize a mourning, with physical ailments that can affect the kidney area. If a cat loves you, you will be a point of reference for him to protect. Friendship with a cat, as already mentioned, is a sincere friendship to be jealously guarded.

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