What toys do cats hate?

Although they are very curious and playful, cats hate some games because they have characteristics that they don’t like too much… But what are they?

But are there really games that cats hate? Judging by the behavior of our furry friends, it seems impossible that something can annoy them… They play with practically anything, even found around the house!

Yet we cannot ignore some characteristics that our four-legged friends really don’t like. Or rather, that cats tend not to like, with due exceptions.

Let’s find out together what they are games that cats hate and that we should avoid to make sure that Micio has a great time, without turning up his nose.

Waterfall? No Thank You!

If there’s one thing that annoys most cats, it’s water. Attention, we said “most” not “all”. Our beloved domestic felines are curious creatures and by nature they do not like certain things, but it is true that each of them can have equally different reactions to the same object or element. There are water-loving cat breeds like the Maine Coon and the Norwegian, who could also have a blast taking a dip in the pool.

These are exceptions, of course. Many cats would not even want to be touched by the water for the bath, let alone when it comes to a moment of play. All it takes is a minimal sketch to make them run away on your heels and since playing must first and foremost be a fun activity, it’s not right to annoy them just on our whim.

Beware Of Strong Smells

black and white cat inside a vase in the garden

While water is the enemy of many cats, strong odors are the enemy of virtually all. Cats are animals from super sensitive sense of smell, for whom a perfume that is insignificant to our nose can become a big problem. Games are meant to inspire Puss, not be something to run away from at the speed of light!

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That’s why among the most interesting toys for our beloved domestic felines are those based on catnip, a smell that attracts them and that stimulates them to play and have fun. But it is an exception because all the others tend not to have any particular smell or perfume. It will be the Micio himself, using them and roughing them as it should be, who will give them his own typical smell – to imprint his own trademark, let’s say – making them recognizable and preferable to any other object.

Noises Yes, But Sparingly

orange kitten arching his back because something scares him

Water, strong smells and even excessive noise. Many toys for cats have small bells and sound effects that are cute and intrigue them, stimulating their hearing. Again, we always start from the assumption that a Cat hears sounds quite differently than us humans, perceive frequencies that we can’t even hear. Imagine the effect that a loud and annoying noise could have!

Always avoid bangs, screams, excessive noise and loud music. These are all things that cats hate and can put one on them crazy scared. On the contrary, toys with bells or those that make slight sounds are fine – such as some soft toys for cats, for example -. These, unlike all the others, probably reproduce the verses of the small prey that the Micio would hunt in nature and that’s why he is attracted to it like a magnet!

And The Puzzles?

tabby cat lying on the floor getting bored

Precisely because there are games that cats hate, producers have gone out of their way to create them in recent years something different and innovative, which stimulates them in the most positive sense of the term. From these “studies” the so-called puzzles were also born, which we can find in different versions suitable for both kittens and adult specimens that live at home. Often the apartment living it can be a bit boring for Puss and it is mainly for this reason that we need to make sure that he has enough stimulation to chase away the boredom and anxiety.

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Puzzles usually work with gods tricks which require the help of croquettes or snacks for cats, therefore they attract the cat through the smell of these delicacies. The aim of the game is, in essence, to solve the various tricks and like this find the kibble and finally eat it. The classic reward mechanism!

We anticipate, however, that many cats do not like these games at all. Maybe because they’re not used to it, or because they find it frustrating knowing that in front of their muzzle there is a croquette that they cannot grasp and eat. Always evaluate the specific case well: if Micio enjoys it, then it’s the right game for him!

The Importance Of Play For Cats

very small tabby kitten playing with a soft ball of fur

Talking about games that cats hate is generic and reductive, as we anticipated at the beginning. And this is due to a small detail that many often forget:

All cats hate loud noises and smells, but not all of them hate water and can even take a bath without problems. Many cats love puzzle games where they have to try to catch kibble and are stimulated by it, while some find it boring and not enjoy it at all knowing they can’t eat their favorite snack.

Not to mention that, then, cats conceive the game in different ways. There are breeds that tend to be very lazy that they prefer dozing on the sofa or in an armchair, while others need to give free rein to a great deal of energy, which they love climb and jump stay outdoors and run as fast as I can.

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We need to find the right balance and ensure that each cat has its daily dose of play, movement and fun. Playing has many advantages, from keep your mind and body stimulated to avoid becoming overweight given the sedentary life typical of apartment cats. And then it allows us to bond even more with Micio, to get to know each other thoroughly and become practically inseparable.

Let’s not forget that cats love our company, but hate intrusiveness. We respect their spaces and we will have their respect. And they will ask us to play together!


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