What to know before adopting a cat

If you intend to adopt a cat, whether from a shelter, from the street or from a private home, it is very important that you know that during the first day, even the first week, the animal is going to feel a little disoriented.

To help you adjust as soon as possible, I’m going to tell you what to know before adopting a cat .

Hide dangerous objects

Before taking the furry home, it will be very necessary to make sure that you have hidden everything that could harm him : cables, heavy objects and / or that could be dropped and break, small balls or pins (or anything else could be swallowed) and  toxic plants .

Provide a safe place

Cats like being able to go to a room to be alone . In it there must be a bed, a scraper , a trough and feeder, and, to make the transition easier, you can also put a toilet tray, and a cardboard box (he will love it). In this way, the new member of the family will quickly realize that they have ended up in a good home 🙂.

Do not force anything

From the first day it is normal that you want to caress him and take him in your arms, but you have to think that before that he needs to trust you. For this reason, it is highly recommended to give him treats and play a lot with him so that your relationship starts on the right foot.

Spend as much time as you can with him

The cat can spend a few hours alone, but if you are absent for many hours and then even if you are at home you do not share your free time with him, he will soon become depressed . For this reason, it is very important that you keep him company , that is, that you pamper him, that you play with the cat, that you let him sleep with you . Only then can he see you as what you decided to be when you adopted him: his family.

Take him to the vet

Although it is an animal that in general enjoys very good health, the truth is that it is still a living being like any of us. Throughout his life he may have illnesses, fractures, and other problems that will need to be solved by a veterinarian . In addition, it is important that you take him to get the necessary vaccines , the microchip and, also, to neuter or sterilize him in order to avoid unwanted litters.




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