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The average life of a Maine Coon, like that of any other cat, inevitably depends on various factors and on the way we take care of it

The Maine Coon, in addition to being a splendid cat, is also an excellent life partner for both us humans and other animals. If you are wondering how many years the average life of a Maine Coon is and what are the factors that help him live better and longer, take a look at this article.

It goes without saying, in fact, that with proper care for your feline you can extend its life expectancy. Although it is a generally healthy breed as it is less exposed than others to hereditary disorders, there are some factors that influence the life of every cat.

Let’s find out what it is average life of a Maine Coon and how we can best take care of it, giving it a healthy and happy existence. He will repay us with immense love!

How long does a Maine Coon live on average

It is enough to look at a Maine Coon to understand that it is a big, strong Micio and quite different from all its fellows. It is no coincidence that he is nicknamed “giant” of catswith a weight that can even reach 10 kg!

Is this enough to determine what the average lifespan of a Maine Coon is? Certainly not, but it is still a starting point. Consider that a specimen of this beautiful feline breed has an average life expectancy from 10 to 13 years old, but there are many Maine Coon cats that even reach 15 years. Some specimens even manage to exceed this threshold. How is it possible?

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Feeding and best food for Maine Coon

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One of the most important things that influence the average life of a Maine Coon is undoubtedly the power supply. As cat lovers well know, what we put in their bowl is essential if we want to keep them healthy, grow with all the nutrients they need in the different stages of life. The food must not only be good, but above all suitable for the small domestic feline, taking into account its specific needs which, in the case of the Maine Coon, do not refer only to quantities.

Being a Micio bigger than its kind, the Maine Coon undoubtedly needs slightly greater quantities of food, but what is really important is the quality of this. In order for your Maine Coon to live longer you need to make him follow a balanced diet that does not expose him to the risk of obesity, since this condition by itself attracts a whole series of problems that should be avoided. Consult a vet to be sure you feed him right!

Health and medical visits

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Another very important thing is to make some regular checkups on your Maine Coon, which naturally applies to any other cat or pet in general. The presence of a good veterinarian plays an essential role in expecting a four-legged friend and making regular visits, both for vaccinations and for a matter of prevention, is the only way to stem any problems in time, where possible.

Precisely thanks to visits to the vet we are able to identify disorders that in an initial phase present themselves in a latent way, intervening on them before complications arise. It is also essential to ensure that the cat is vaccinated and that, if the vet deems it appropriate, we follow any therapies to the letter with the right doses and prescribed drugs.

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Game and physical activity

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The average weight of a Maine Coon is about 10kg, a threshold that he should never exceed if we want to prevent him from becoming obese and from developing problems related to this disease. Just to give an example, being the Maine Coons large, muscular cats exceeding a certain weight we risk weighing down bones, muscles and joints and in this way every movement, even the most trivial, could compromise their integrity.

In general, the Maine Coon is not a cat that needs to be encouraged to play and exercise and this playful spirit it never disappears, not even when it becomes an adult and passes the puppy stage.

Exercise is important both physically and mentally, the only way to allow him to give free rein to his instincts and keeping fit. Without forgetting that, moreover, play is an activity that further strengthens the bond between the cat and its human of the heart: with a Maine Coon we can indulge ourselves, even teach him to wear a leash and harness for long walks or trips in the open air or play fetch. Yes, just as if he were a dog!

If you don’t have a garden or outdoor area in which to play with your Maine Coon, you should consider buying accessories that can recreate a home “gym”: we can buy a nice scratching tree (as large and solid as possible) or even shelves to be placed in a room equipped wall. In this way the cat will grow up strong and robust even in the home, with the right amount of adventures and both physical and mental stimulation.

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Maine Coon average life, many people have also asked us:

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How to keep a Maine Coon at home?

The Maine Coon can live indoors without problems, despite its appearance being that of a huge wild cat. He has an excellent character, he always shows himself very affectionate with the people who take care of him but never forget to respect its nature. He’s a playful cat who loves to have fun, climb, run wildly and it’s important that he has the right outlet valves at home if we don’t want him to get sad or bored.

Which cat lives the longest?

The Maine Coon, as we have seen, can have a rather long life expectancy (even up to 15 years or more), but there are other nice Mici who keep him company in this sense. Among these we can mention the Burmese, the Siamese, the Manx and the American Bombay.


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