What to do with a stray kitten?

During the spring, it is relatively easy to go out for a walk and meet a stray kitten that has lost its mother. How to react if we find ourselves in this situation? Well, the most sensible thing would be to try to help him, since a feline of such a young age has very little – more like no – possibility of getting ahead.

So I am going to explain what to do with a stray kitten and what measures you can take so that it can lead a decent life

Make sure his mother is not

If the kitten is apparently healthy, that is, it is alert and chubby, surely the mother is nearby. In this case, what you have to do is move away a little and wait for it to appear, but if it does not, we may be facing a furry that has been orphaned.

On the other hand, if the animal is sick, even if it only has eyes full of blemishes, we can assume that it needs help.

Take it gently and safely

Let’s put ourselves in the situation: you find a stray kitten that you decide to help. At that time it is likely that you are not carrying anything like a towel or an old blanket, so the most sensible thing is to take it gently but without leaning too much on you , especially if you suspect that it has scabies . When you get home you take a shower and start washing the clothes you were wearing and that’s it.

Take him to the vet

But before going home is important to take him to the vet , since even if he looks healthy, he is most likely to have intestinal parasites. And to eliminate them you will need to take an antiparasitic syrup that the professional will indicate us.

Also, if we still don’t know what to do with him, he may contact a Protective (not kennel) to take care of him.

Feed him

She is most likely hungry, so the next step will be to give her a bottle if she is a month old or less, or wet kitten food if she is over four weeks old. You will find more information on this topic here .

Decide what to do


Now it is important to decide what to do with the kitten: whether to give it up for adoption or keep it . If we opt for the first option, it is important to choose the family well , if the veterinarian has not been able or has not contacted any Protector. This family has to really love the kitten: they have to take care of him throughout his life, and take care of him.

If we prefer to keep it, then we will start a new path that will allow us to enjoy the company of a furry for about 20 years.



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