What to do in case of burns

Cats are naturally curious and often get into trouble, at home and abroad. Everyone who has a cat should be well prepared for potential emergencies and to administer first aid that can save the life of the feline in case of burns .

Cats usually avoid intense heat, but occasionally an accident occurs due to sparks from a fire, or if boiling water or hot oil is spilled and can cause very serious burns.

In these cases, you have to apply cold running water on the affected parts for a few minutes, and then go immediately to the vet. Do not apply anything else to the wound. The chemical burns should be treated equally. Remember to protect your hands with rubber gloves when handling the cat. If you know with the chemical that has been burned, it is important to inform the veterinarian, because the treatment of the injury will depend on it.

The burns also can be caused by an electric shock , usually suffered a chewing an electric cable, in which case likely to suffer burns to the mouth. When these cases happen, the first thing to do is cut the power. That will make the area safe for both of you. If the cat is not breathing, it may need CPR (it is a combination of mouth-to-nose breathing and cardiac massage, similar to what is done to people in cardiac arrest), followed by veterinary care.

Sunburns are normal in sunny climates and are generally common in white-eared or light-colored cats . It is appropriate to give it with special sunscreen for cats, with a very high protection factor. If, on the other hand, the ears continue to burn, it is best not to let it out in the sun and in severe cases always go to the vet.






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