What to do if your cat does not drink water

We start from the basis that cats are very fond of water, that is, the container where they drink must be completely clean and crystalline and the water must be changed every day. Still, there are cats that are not very into drinking water and it is essential for their health. A cat has to drink water daily to avoid urinary tract problems.

If you notice that your cat is little to drink water, apply these methods to encourage it. Apart from having clean water for cats, if you put more containers throughout the house you will encourage them to drink more . One in the kitchen, another in the living room and another where he usually spends time. Since they are so curious simply because they have water around the house, they will love to taste and especially to drink.

Surely you have noticed that if you turn on the tap in the kitchen or bathroom and walk around the kitten will try to drink everything, cats love to drink when the water falls constantly because they do not like stagnant water very much. You can try putting a cat fountain that has the water constantly in motion.

Another option is to buy canned food, it is usually more humid than feed . Dry feed has hardly any water, unlike wet feed that has 70% water, just like homemade food.

Do not forget that cats originally did not drink a lot of water because they obtained it from the food they hunted, hence it is still difficult for them to get used to drinking daily, unless we include wet foods like their ancestors.





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