What to do if my cat does not want to eat anything

A healthy adult cat should eat at least five or six times throughout the day. If you are sick, your appetite can decrease considerably, since your sense of smell is also impaired and, by doing so, you do not perceive odors as when you were healthy. For this reason, it is sometimes very difficult to know what to do when you do not want to put anything in your mouth.

If your dog is not well and you would like to know what to do if my cat does not want to eat anything , here are a series of tips to try to get him to eat.

Why won’t my cat eat?

The cat can stop eating for several reasons:

  • It does not like its food: the palate of this animal is much finer than we could ever imagine. If you do not like the smell of your food, you will not eat it directly, even if it is the best on the market.
  • He has tried something better: if you recently gave him something that you had never given him, such as a can for cats, you may find yourself in the situation that now the furry only wants to eat those cans.
  • He is sick: if you have not changed his diet and he has suddenly stopped eating, it is likely that he has parasites, hairballs or some disease such as leukemia.
  • Has stress or anxiety: the cat is a very sensitive animal, to the point that if it lives in a tense family environment, or if it lives with someone (other cats, dogs or people) who overwhelm it, it can stop eating.

What to do to make him eat?


The first thing you should do is find the cause of his loss of appetite , since if he is sick he will need veterinary help to treat his illness. On the other hand, if what has happened is that he does not like his food or that he has tried something better, one way to get him to eat is by mixing dry food with wet food for a few days. This way it will smell more and you may like it.

To prevent a cat from stopping eating, it is very important to place its feeder in a quiet area, where the family does not have much life. So you can feel calm and can eat in total comfort.


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