What should my cat eat?

The cats and all cats, animals are strict carnivores ; that is, they can only eat meat. Although in the market we can find many brands and types of food , in reality it can be difficult to find one that, in addition to liking it, feels good to you. The latter is very important, because although it says on the packaging that it is of very high quality, sometimes it is not entirely true. And that is something that our cat will “tell” us having health problems (gastroenteritis, hair loss, teeth with tartar and worn at an early age, etc.).

Next we will tell you what types of food are available, as well as their advantages and disadvantages .

I think


I think they are balls in which a certain amount of proteins, fats, and everything the cat needs is concentrated in each of them . Would you like to know how they do it? Take a look at the video.

The difference between dry and wet feed is the amount of water in one or the other . In the case of wet feed, what we know more about as cans, have a minimum of 70% humidity.


  • The price varies according to brands, but it is generally cheaper than giving other types of food.
  • It is very practical and comfortable for the owner, especially dry feed. You only have to worry about keeping the feeder always full, so that the animal can feed whenever it wants.


Although not all cats eat feed is a problem , there are others that are more sensitive to which it is better not to feed them due to the inconvenience it may have. They may not be seen in the short term, but that does not mean they are not or cannot be present. We have already mentioned some of them before (gastrointestinal problems, teeth problems, …), but there are others that are less visible and that at first glance seem to have no relationship whatsoever with feed. Some of these problems could be: allergies, a diseased immune system, etc.


  • Make sure that on each label you put everything that contains the feed. The total of all percentages must add up to 100%.
  • Do not be fooled by the feed they say, for example: 30% meat, 25% cereals, 10% wheat … Meat should be the basis of the cat’s diet. Grains and wheat are the same: grains, something cats don’t need. If it also has too technical names written for things you don’t know what they are, it is also a bad sign. You, as a cat owner, have the right to know what your friend is eating, and to be able to complain and / or complain in case of problems.

Natural food


Natural food, also known as BARF or ACBA, is a type of diet based on giving raw food to the animal. In the wild, cats, as well as the rest of the felines, hunt their prey and then eat them. This is something that even house cats with access to the outdoors still do (although it is true that most of the time they do not eat it, but the hunting instinct is still evident in their veins).

As we said, it is a carnivorous animal and therefore must eat only meat. Ideally, start giving them chicken meat, especially if they are kittens, as it is easier for them to digest it. Little by little we will introduce other types of meat, avoiding bones. An adult cat will be able to eat chicken wings without problems, but a kitten may have trouble biting the bones.


  • Healthy, white, strong teeth.
  • Soft and shiny coat.
  • More compact and less odorous stools.
  • Good health.


  • Keeping a cat with BARF can be expensive, although if we already gave it a high-quality feed, the money spent per month on natural food does not change much.
  • It takes more »work». Ideally, spend a day preparing everything that you are going to eat during the week, and give it to them as the days go by.


  • Be very careful with fine bones, as they could splinter.
  • Do not give the cat vegetarian food. It could mean the death of the animal.
  • Do not give them milk or derivatives either, as they could cause gastrointestinal problems. In the case of orphaned kittens, they will be given specific milk for cats.

Finally, remember that we should never force our cat to eat a type of food that it does not want , whatever it is, unless obviously the previous one gave it health problems and we have to change it for another.



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