What should a pregnant cat eat

Pregnancy takes a lot of energy from future moms, cats included, so during all that time that you are pregnant you will need an extra supply of energy, protein and calcium so that the puppies can develop as well as possible so that, a Once they leave their mother’s body, they can continue to grow without taking unnecessary risks.

If you and your furry are waiting for kittens, this article interests you. Find out what a pregnant cat should eat .

A cat’s pregnancy lasts about 65 days, during which 1 to 10 pups (sometimes more) will grow in her uterus. Your body undergoes several changes, such as the widening of the uterus which in turn causes the ribs to rise a bit, the size of your abdomen increases, your breasts enlarge and your mammary glands will begin to produce milk when the moment approaches. of childbirth. For everything to go smoothly, the cat has to satisfy her appetite , not only in order to cover her daily activity, but also so that her body can cope with pregnancy without setbacks.

To do this, one of the things you will need the most is increasing the amount of body fat in your body. In this way, you can have a reserve with which to feed the little ones. So what should you eat?

Ideally, you should eat high quality kitten food , without by-products or cereals of any kind, as they contain all the proteins and minerals that you will need during this stage. You must always leave the feeding trough full, because during pregnancy you will go through several phases regarding your appetite and it will be much easier and more practical for everyone to always have food at your disposal.

Once it has given birth, you have to continue giving it this feed  so that it can feed the little ones. In this way, in addition, when the kittens begin to be weaned, they will follow the mother to the feeder every time she goes to eat, so they will imitate her.

Another alternative is to give Yum Diet for cats or natural food bought directly at the butcher shops (boneless chicken wings, organ meats, fish without bones). If you opt for the latter, remember to boil the viscera and fish to avoid problems. Thus, both the mother cat and her offspring will remain in good health.

How much do you have to feed a pregnant cat


What your pregnant cat eats will gradually increase from the moment she stands up and becomes pregnant. At the end of the pregnancy you will eat 50% more than normal in it. Feeding a pregnant cat is easy. They eat and when they are satisfied they simply stop because they have had enough. They don’t overfeed, they only eat what they need .

What is important is that the cat always has food at her disposal, so that she does not find herself lacking food when she needs it. You can choose foods that your cat likes, such as wet foods, although these have fewer calories than dry foods. You can combine both types of foods to meet their nutritional needs.

What your cat can never lack is fresh water for hydration, especially if she usually eats dry food. If your house is large, do not put the water only in one area of ​​the house, put it in several places so that you have access whenever you need to hydrate.

Do it gradually

You have to transition to the new diet gradually so that your cat gets used to her new diet. To do this, you can spend about 10 days gradually adding the new formula until you change it completely. This will allow your cat to eat well with a gradual and healthy change for her and her kittens.

Ideally, eat small meals a lot throughout the day. It is recommended, as we have mentioned above, that your cat has food and water available at all times. Kittens begin to develop in the ninth week of pregnancy, so it will be from then on when it is more noticeable that your cat is fed more.

You will notice that the weight of your cat increases as she eats more, she needs to store fat and then breastfeed her kittens. This weight gain is completely normal and you should lose the excess weight during your 3-4 week lactation period.

Don’t worry if your cat loses a bit of appetite late in pregnancy. This is normal and indicates that the delivery will not be long in coming. The cat begins to notice the discomfort of the near delivery and therefore will eat less. You just have to make sure that he does not lack food at any time, even if you notice that he eats less.

Nutrition in pregnant cats is essential in all stages of pregnancy and after delivery. Although if you notice that she is losing weight or not eating anything at all or not drinking water, then you will have to call your vet for advice on what to do taking into account the individual characteristics of your cat.

How to feed your cat during lactation


Producing milk is an exceptionally demanding task . Food intake usually doubles, but can even quadruple. You could eat more than even during pregnancy, and that’s okay. The more kittens that have to be fed, the more food the mother cat must eat to be able to cope with the nutritional needs of her little ones.

You should feed your cat several times during the day or allow free access to food, as well as ensure that fresh water is always available. Dry food should be moistened to increase food and water intake and to encourage kittens to begin nibbling on solid food. Although you can also opt for the combination of wet and dry foods, as you did during the cat’s pregnancy.


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