What is the treatment for strabismus in cats?

There are some cats that are born with strabismus, which is an anomaly that, despite what it may seem, does not affect the animals’ good vision at all. However, it is an example of a mediocre parental line; in fact, if those felines were to mate, their offspring could have much more serious problems.

That is why it is important to know the causes and treatment of strabismus in cats to avoid greater evils.

What is it?

Strabismus is a deviation from the normal line of sight of one or both eyes . There are four types:

  • Esotropia: is the deviation of one or both eyes inward.
  • Exotropia: is the deviation of one or both eyes outward.
  • Hypertropia: it is the deviation of one or both eyes upwards.
  • Hypotropia: is the deviation of one or both eyes downwards.

What are the causes?

There are several causes of strabismus:

Congenital strabismus

It is when strabismus is born . It can appear in any kitten of any breed or cross, but it occurs more between Siamese twins. It does not usually cause any problem, beyond the aesthetic one.

Abnormal optic nerve

If the cat has an abnormal optic nerve from birth it is not too serious, but if the animal was born with good eyes and has now acquired a squint look, it should be taken to the vet .

Damaged extraocular muscles

The muscles that support the eyeball can also be abnormal  and / or damaged while the kitten is forming in the mother’s uterus, or later if there is an illness or injury that affects it. In the first case it would not be too serious, but in the latter we must take the cat to the vet.

How is it treated?

Treatment will depend on the cause: if it is from birth, nothing is usually done, since the animal can lead a completely normal life. But when it is caused by an injury or illness, the professional may choose to intervene surgically .


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